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Today, while sitting on my front porch, my cat came up beside me. I started idly stroking her, only to turn and realize I was petting a wild raccoon. FML
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Hey, at least it didn't bite you

Exactly, it sounds friendly! Could have yourself a pet racoon. Nature is wonderful.

Bad idea #38. They are rabies carriers.

Maybe he couldn't tell what you were either

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#42- Pets can get rabies too. Racoons, opossums, skunks, etc aren't inherently rabies carriers... They've got to be infected with the virus by something else first. (If I misunderstood your comment, please disregard this).

Besides, if it was rabid, I doubt it'd be snuggling up to all the love OP was giving.

So are lots of animals...People own raccoons, opossums, etc. all you gotta do is take it to the vet. (And get the papers, if needed)

tpm45 25

I'm glad someone caught the reference.

I was hoping to be the first one to use that. #2 was just way on point. the one with the cop car is also good.

another good raccoon commercial is the insurance guy mayhem with a bunch of raccoons eating attic insulation lol

Or the Walgreens commercial where the raccoons get into family's car and eat their food

false, any animal with rabies would die in a week or two, I found an injured baby racoon once and brought it back to health, had it as a pet until it grew up and started going outside, one day he never came back

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That's just sad raccoons are such cool animals.

Oh boy at least you're okay! I'm assuming because something happened this fml would of been completely different!

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Would've... Seriously, I'm amazed people still do this.

OP never checked to see what she was petting. Sooo I don't know how she would need glasses if she didn't even check.

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18: it's a reference for a sears optical commercial. A woman mistakes a raccoon for her cat because she doesn't have glasses.

Sounds like a friendly one, you lucked out there!

No. No no no no NO. Wild animals are and belong wild. Raccoons seem sweet and cute but keeping them as if they're our playthings is harmful to them. So many of these poor things end up in sanctuaries instead of the wild because some bozo decided it would make a cute pet and wigged out when it was too much to handle. Also, you'd probably name it something cliche like Bandit.

raspution 21

Sadly you have a picture of a cat and talk about not keeping wild animals as pets. Any animal including cats can be wild or made a pet just some are easier and more common.

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#57 Completely wrong. Pets nowadays have been bred selectively over generations to reinforce traits that are seen as positive, most importantly being non-aggressive and less wary of humans. By doing so, they lose the instinctual fear, aggressiveness and physical attributes needed to survive in the wild. A chihuahua will not be able to hunt for itself and protect itself from predators. Another good example is an actual wolf - while you can bottle feed and cuddle a cub without a problem, it will grow more aggressive and territorial as it matures and cease to be a good pet, since it hasn't been domesticated. Wild animals aren't pets, and pets are dependent on humans and should not be released into the wild.

Thank you, #67. I knew someone would be ignorant enough to give me crap. Also, #57 she was abandoned when my neighbor was evicted. She chose us, we didn't buy her. She comes and goes as she pleases and every night sleeps next to me, or on me, on her own accord. So hush. Raccoons are wild. Domestic cats (key word there) are not. Now, if my picture was of a pet bobcat or lynx, then I'd be a hypocrite.

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Hey, raccoons might make good pets. You never know...

some people think they do and sometimes they are