By thenewone - 19/11/2009 20:09 - Brazil

Today, I met my boyfriend's parents. Later on, his mom pulls me aside and tells me to back off, saying he will never marry someone like me and he should be with a nice girl like his ex. They broke up after he found her in his bed with his roomate. FML
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wow.. his mom sounds like a psycho retard

perdix 29

Dump your boyfriend then and there, and tell him the reason. Having a piece of shit mother-in-law will ruin your life, especially if you are marrying a mama's boy. If he has the cojones to cut the apron strings and win you back, you might have a chance.


wow.. his mom sounds like a psycho retard

I think you need to settle down. Maybe he didn't tell his parents why he broke up with his ex.

Tell his mum that youll make him dinner everyday, and clean up all the time

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Lmao 31 I actually agree, at least his mom will think you are useful.

tell her to back off, and that a controlling b**** isnot what he needs in his life

well at least ur not fn his roommates well I hope ur not.. :P

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I think you said no to the threesome

wow, wat a bitch well show her that ur better and that u'll stay with her son as long as u want. she'll get over it

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Ugh that sucks. Moms should just mind their own business!

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I think I would have told her why they broke up. That would shut her mouth and teach her she doesn't know who's nice by looking.

i agree... stay out of it mom. they think they know everything except for the few wise ones.

Haha, let that bitch know what's up, and tell her to back the **** off herself!

perdix 29

Dump your boyfriend then and there, and tell him the reason. Having a piece of shit mother-in-law will ruin your life, especially if you are marrying a mama's boy. If he has the cojones to cut the apron strings and win you back, you might have a chance.

That's a bit harsh, she shouldn't just cut and run because of her. It's not his fault that she's being a cow. Also - there's nothing there about him being a mama's boy so you can't just assume. He shouldnt have to win her back if its not his fault. To OP: That sucks. :( Don't listen to her, this is about you and him anyway, not her and what she wants.

Exactly. There's nothing about the boyfriend being a mama's boy. That said, however, this is definitely a situation to approach cautiously.

perdix 29

crazyarsedfly and Watchmaker, I know it sounds harsh and dramatic, but it would force the boyfriend to be decisive. If he loves her, he'd tell his mother, "Screw you, Mom, I love her," and then you two have a chance as a couple. If he caves into his mom's wishes, you will have had to share him with her until she died (and probably then some.) It just won't work. Getting along with your mother-in-law is great, but having her as an enemy will be miserable especially if your boyfriend/husband is not decidedly on your side.

Well said, although you are going on a bit of info that wasn't given. I've dated plenty of girls who weren't "daddy's little girl" and couldn't stand being around their dads. But that didn't stop said dads from telling me exactly what their little angel wanted in life (9/10 times it was the exact opposite of what the girl actually wanted for herself) and how I would never amount to anything, would ruin her life, etc. etc. Funny thing is now with my MBA, my starter salary here at my new job is more than most of theirs, but eh. I guess I'll always be a deadbeat in their eyes, simply by virtue of having testicles. Don't underestimate how much parents will assume romance is the antithesis of success. Helicopter parents don't automatically mean momma's boy/daddy's girl.

22cute 17

You've got a point Karl, but did you marry any of those women? Are you with them now? There's a different dynamic between fathers/daughters and mothers/sons. Predix is right. if the Op wants a happy marriage she needs to find out where Op stands now.

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Marriage is never the answer...You should have told her you're not planning on marrying him just having a lot of sex

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That might give the crazy lady a heart attack. It would be funny as hell to see her reaction though.

Erindub, I totally approve. And FTW, I'm more likely to be closer to the mom's age than the couple's! That said, she needs to tell her boyfriend immediately what happened. What happens next -- well, my hunch is she knows what to do.

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i would totally dump him. his mom sounds like a crazy bitch.

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you dump people over things they cant control? like their mom? so if a nice guy who had a father who left them when they were little but their dad beat women and was an asshole like the boyfriend's mom, you would dump him. Thats a little stupid. OP should tell the boyfriend what happened. It is then his job to set it straight. I dont disrespect my mom but i would have to if i were in that case. I would chew her out for talking to someone that I care about that way. I would tell her to back off because she doesnt control my life. and that if she cant except who i choose to date then we wont be back around. Like if my sister or my friend had a problem with my girlfriend or kept treating her in a rude and disrespectful way. It wouldnt be her job to set them straight. It would be mine.

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pendatic holy ****, you are such a grammar Nazi it's starting to get annoying.

"Look, back off ****! My son should've stayed with his nice, wonderful ex-girlfriend instead of you!" You: What the ****? His ex-girlfriend CHEATED on him....bitch."