By fuckoffandfuckoffagainyoucunt - 17/08/2012 16:27 - United Kingdom - Sittingbourne

Today, I was at the gym, when a pretty overweight guy started staring and eventually taunting me. Let me tell you, lines such as "Lay off the cake, fatty!" and "I can see your gut hanging out your ass, for fuck's sake!" don't exactly boost one's self-confidence. FML
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Shank him up in the shower.

I hope you said to him exactly what you put as your username.


Shank him up in the shower.

A solid punch might be suffice instead of a shanking.

No, I think this calls for a good shanking.

With the shower head. :3 I know, I'm a lovely person.

How can you see someone's gut hanging out their ass?

Don't question the logic of this FML, boy! I DON'T CAAAAARE! *that was a reference to Pewdiepie, for any thick people out there.*

You are absolutely correct. My sincere apologies, it won't happen again.

Wow. Getting chirped. Sorry man

The usernames in these recent FMLs are just awesome.

Damn summer heat makes everyone mad.

40- You think that's something? I would've wrapped Mexican death peppers around a pitchfork and rammed it up his ass.

You should have told him to take his own advice if he was overweight himself.

109 - No. That is much too rational for FML.

Good ol' sharpened toothbrush can solve any problem

From the guy with a photo of Jesus! Hahaha awesome!

A salt lick up his ass would have more effectiveness

Shank him in the shower? Making it sound like he would be in the shower too O_o

Shove the shower head up his ass and inject him with liquid bleach.

XD that made me laugh

That's terrible. Sorry.

Maybe he was having a go at himself?

I'm sorry that his self esteem is so low that he has to resort to insulting you, OP. no worries, though, because you're at the gym. That's a lot more progress than I'm making sitting here on the couch :)

That is, but it does remind me of "The Pot" by Tool Who are you to wave your fatty Finger at me You must Have been Out your Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind! (epic guitar)

95- I agree. Maybe he was berating himself in the mirror.

I hope you said to him exactly what you put as your username.

He's only treating you like this because he has been treated the same. Of course that still doesn't give him the right to treat others horribly. Some people make themselves feel better by putting others down.

He sounds like a bully. And don't listen to him. You know you're better then what he is saying. Keep up the gym work OP!

Tell him he's the fat one and to leave you alone. What an asshole.

Yeah, he was only jeering like that cause he's a fat fuck himself.

Yeah he was probably saying it to make himself feel better about himself.

Perhaps he was trying to give OP some motivation. But since he is overweight himself, I doubt it.

Or he could be acting like a tough guy to compensate for a small penis that is hidden within layers of fat

he probably has a small penis. overweight people usually have smaller penises. Don't ask me how I know.

141- we all already know... We've all seen your rolls on your tv commercials. But we accept you for who you are.

BAHAHAHAHBA tht is the funniest thing

You must have no heart if you think this is funny.

Oh! Is FML a support group? Heh, I've always used FML for the laughs.

Nah, it's not for laughs, it's where people debate about stupid shit

I use it to make me feel better about how my life is going... I'm an asshole v_v

It's good for time passing that's for sure! Post a comment: Eeee, who's gonna thumb me up?! Five minutes later: *one upvote* YES I'M FAMOUS!

Are you the guy from the gym?

Thats when you tell him to fuck off and that he is indeed an asshole with a beer gut.

People like him give fat people a bad name.

Report his arse to the gym manager! People like him need to be publicly flogged.

He has a body of a God. Unfortunately it's Buddhas.

Actually, Buddha is rather skinny. The heavier god often depicted is a Chinese god of good luck.

Buddha isn't a god either.

Actually the Indian version of Buddha is slim while the Asian version of Buddha (Chinese included) depicts him as fat but jolly.

Sounds like Santa Claus.

So... in conclusion, Buddha is actually not Indian at all, but a Chinese Santa Claus.

121- Oh, the things we all learn on FML.

Siddhartha Guatama was said to be a kings son, who left home at a very early age to find a way to solve the plight of his peoples. He reached enlightenment on day beneath a tree. He was not a god, but a philosopher, and thought of himself as such. I don't know why people call him a god...

Lmao that was awesome

^ Bah! Chip and Dale! So fucking cute!

India is in Asia?

"shut up at least I can find my dick" Unless you can't. Time to go spelunking.

Ahh so ur addicted to skyrim too? And your actually cute? What has this world come to... Haha

"Find your penis for a dollar! Find your penis!" "Hey, I just found my penis!"

Isn't spelunking diving into dark caverns? So wouldn't that be more like finding/diving into a vagina? Hm... The things that puzzle me...

Hahahahaha grab your gear men, we are going in.. Lol okay this has gone way to far XD

I would have bitch slapped him

...and gotten your hand sucked into his fat folds.

Tell him he's fat too or tell him to fuck off.