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Feel happy your mother cares and loves you:)

Maybe she is just trying to say "Hi" to everyone in your class. Or she could be just checking out some ass.


Feel happy your mother cares and loves you:)

And has time on her hands.

Fml for having a mother who loves you????

12 no op was probably just embarrassed hence the fml... but they should be happy because the mother cares and loves them

Does she also follow you to dates, jump out and slap them if they try and hold your hand?

A caring mother is good, but not over-protective.

Guess moms can't please anybody

The mom is clearly crazy. Most moms are though. Pussy rots your brain imagine having one for long enough to raise a kid.

You should've broken through the window, and went up to her and say that your trying yo do your job and it's hard to focus when she's there, but could meet for lunch sometime in the near future.

Should have wave back. Then she might have walked away.

His brain is in his pussy.

Your mother must have arms of steel!

Maybe she is just trying to say "Hi" to everyone in your class. Or she could be just checking out some ass.

She's definitely ass checking!

I wanna ass check too D:

Your mom just loves you. I'd rather my mom be too nice and a bit embarrassing than a complete douche and an embarrassment.

Maybe she wants to join:)

Ahh good old mum, always there to embarrass the shit out of you

Nah, she's just brought you some clean underwear and a cardigan in case you get cold. Look, she's holding up the underwear and waving it right now...!

6- that is so true. Except mine is a psycho bi-polo maniac. Lol

Hehe that's so funny. I wish my mom did that.

Half an hour? My mom struggles to even say goodbye to me half the time nowadays.

No, she's insensitive.

No, I apologize. I should have seen the sarcasm in that statement. It was clearly wrong for me to reply assuming that you weren't.

You're damn right it was.

That must sucks!!!

Nices grammars mistakes idiotsss.

Atleast she was working out two waving her hands

"Hey lady walking down the street. You see that girl in there up in the front? That's my girl! Wave hi back daughter! Oh hey mr. Bum! Check out that lady in there she's all mine! And she's single to."

Yay for irrelevancy and inability to use too in the right situation.

21, Yay for inability to criticize in the right situation.

Sir, while I may only have rosy cheeks instead of eyes, even I can see when someone is being too mean. Argh!

In 21's defense it wasn't cute, funny or clever. Nor is the name buttsexpirate but that's not what we're talking about here.

Walk outside and say "go away I have a class to teach" that simple and Ydi for not handling it well...

That's so sweet of her, does she also pack your lunch for you?