By Anonymous - 10/12/2010 13:05 - United States

Today, for the first time, a good looking guy was in my yoga class. Today also marked the first time I farted during yoga class. FML
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what an awesome way of saying 'Hello, I think you're hot" :)

Tell him you were honking at him.


what an awesome way of saying 'Hello, I think you're hot" :)

I'm sure that was the best feeling fart ever!

It is. You just say "My farts just couldn't wait to meet you"

that's actually a great ice breaker especially if you don't have a joke or anything. I got the farts app just for this purpose. give it a try before you doubt it's power.

Huh. I never thought that random gas bubbles leaving my body would be a good way to find true love. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way. Then again, maybe someone will create a new "fart online dating" site for people like me who may need help understanding how near-toxic gases can attract suitable women.

honey, we all know guys that attend yoga classes are gay. (nothing against gays though) so you didn't lose a thing!

wow 47, thanks to your knowledge of the digestive tract it's ok that you ripped ass in front of me.

47 you epically fail for posting a comment so stupid that it need not be posted ever again.

#43 no they aren't. so don't make stupid assumptions ever again. #52 just shut up. that was actually a pretty intelligent answer.

thanks for sharing that.... it was halarious..?

I'm not gay, and I do yoga. :p

As far as FML goes, everyone farts in yoga class... don't worry it was your nerves... no wait.. your butt.

you 21 and 41 both fail for having anime pictures.

guys like girls who fart. just means we can fart around you too.

Ohh man i have been with my girlfriend for 2 years & not once have i heard her fart... :(

op is a dude. girls don't fart.

no ops a girl.

#50 girls fart all the time. some times worse that guys. and ops a girl. pay attention.

50 was sayen that theres no way OPs a girl, because girls dont fart...i think. =D

I hear everyone farts in yoga. no big deal

ranch dressing?

You fart when youre nervous?? lol ydi

A lot of people do.

Awwww.....that stinks.

I see what you did there.

not bad at all

wait... girls can fart?!

Don't be silly, girls don't fart; they "grace the air with their own natural scent"

That's called a queef.

I hope you weren't bent over in front of him. oh well, maybe the 2nd or 3rd impression will be better.

I'm I the only one hoping she was bent over in front of him. *que porn music*

breathe in fart out, breathe in fart out. alright now let's go to dog farts sitting upright

ahahaha!! that's funny!!