By blenderbookf - / Thursday 25 November 2010 18:33 / United States
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By  jakeisawake  |  3

Dude, I feel so bad for you. Nobody wants to see their mom flashing her boobs around.
She's a dumbass for doing it with you in the room.

I mean, she isn't my mom, so it would have been okay if she did it with me in the room.

By  underpaid011  |  0

so now you know how you came to be. your parents were drunk, and looking for a little more fun before passing out.

was mom drinking again? if she is a MILF your friends are really going to like your house.


Today, I took a nap in my car right after finishing up at work. I was woken up by a hobo sitting in the passenger seat, watching me sleep. Apparently, he'd managed to unlock the door with a wire hanger. FML

By ShelterForTheHomless - / Tuesday 14 January 2014 03:31 / United States - Anaheim
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