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By Anonymous - 24/06/2011 17:00 - United States

Today, my mom decided to do something new and borrowed some of my clothes. She's currently wearing a very small pair of short shorts and a very tight tank top. We're going to a very prestigious golf course and she won't change. FML
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And the lesson is... don't judge teens by their parents and don't judge parents by their teens.


She's just reliving her hooker days.


And the lesson is... don't judge teens by their parents and don't judge parents by their teens.

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does she weigh like 300 pounds?

imacreeper 3

69, I don't care if my mom weighed 300 lbs or 0 lbs, if she walked out of the house like that I would beg HER to disown me

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If she weighed zero, she wouldn't be walking.

imacreeper 3

of course not. i wasn't being literal.

I think that's how OP's mom pays the fees at the "prestigious golf course"

I wouldn't even go to the golf course. Thats like wanting a pie to be smashed into your face at school; totally embarrassing.

The lesson is.. Women shouldn't be playing golf in the first place.

TheTwistedOtaku 16

Yeah, I agree ! Kill the bitch ! >:-D

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you shud just take her to a different golf course then leave her there and you go to the real golf course tada!

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Or not play golf. Its so ******* boring!!!

heh it reminds me of tiger woods... heh ...heh heh! he shouldnt have messed with those other 18 holes!

Golf is usually pretty fun to play, but suuuper boring to watch:P

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You should like stop being stupid yeah that'll work!!

that comeback was utterly terrible, broski.

^^ i like how her pic matches her comment


She's just reliving her hooker days.

Or maybe she's trying to show you that your clothes are "hookerish"

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Had to pay the membership somehow lol.

milf stage: one of the best stages, right after teenagers

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they used to call her the "19th hole"

Be proud of your mom! She's the best woman in your life.

no I would flat out refuse to be seen with my mom if she did that.

My mom pulled me out of catholic school and threw me into the "black" school and made my sister join a cult. We seriously need a category about parents ******* up

.. they're your clothes, but yeah it's kinda immature for her to act that way :P

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I think it's a great way to get your daughter to stop dressing like a ****.

Olovio 5

Then don't go? Or leave her at the house :

Like it really matters? My Country Club isn't exactly "prestigious" but there is an enforced dress code. Best of luck to her getting in!

Midlife crisis? My mom's gone through a couple of those.

love the grammar comment on your profile not you're profile. 

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hmm i wonder why so many ppl went to her profile it couldnt be the picture could it?

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Just be thankful she isn't 300lbs overweight with facial hair.

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She could be and thats why the op wants her to change!

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Or the OP wants her to change because she's over 20 and wearing short shorts. !

Sweetcupcakes123 6

over twenty? so twenty five is too old? maybe it's just because if the simple fact that it's her mom.

Sounds like she may get lucky and get to clean the golf pros balls.