By Nicole - United States
Today, I discovered my mom had sold all of our summer clothes over the winter on eBay because we're short on cash. However, I am allowed to cut off the sleeves of all my long sleeve shirts and the legs off my jeans to stay cool in the summer. Nothing's more attractive than looking trashy, right? FML
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  DGross  |  8

lol @ 31

aww man...I missed out on yet another orgasmic pastry on eBay...what a shame as I'm running low too :-(

To said OP: Honestly most of my friends from TX don't have much of a winter wardrobe... still, it does sucks your mom did that without asking you first...and for that I award thee an FYL

  Osakhomen  |  0

Yes it does get cold in the winter in Texas... Especially recently. I didn't use to have to buy heavy jackets, but it's been getting colder and colder every winter. It was below freezing a lot of times this winter.

  CyclonePsycho  |  1

26 - Hm, it would have been smarter for Mom to sell the winter clothes. A jacket usually suffices for most of the winter; it probably doesn't become very cold often in Texas to the point that it really warrants winter clothes. I live in NC, and I survive fine without winter clothes, save for a heavy jacket every once in a while.

Er, or maybe the temperature is milder here. In any case, fyl for losing your clothes. I understand your disappointment, OP.

  YacL  |  15

I use the degrees Celsius, and it can go anywhere from -20 to -50. We usually get all the really cold weather in January. Saskatchewan is a cold, cold place :|

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Times are hard right now for a lot of people.

Why not sell your winter clothes to buy summer ones? You can do this every season! I don't know if looking trashy is your biggest problem right now though. Good luck and FYL.

By  Back_In_Action  |  18

I fail to see how cutoffs are trashy, considering retail stores sell them for $50 with the frayed look and everything. FYL because your family has to sell clothes to make money. :

  aardvarkish  |  15

Dude I used the same argument on a girlfriend who said I looked like white trash when she paid huge bucks to buy shit that was ripped "intentionally"

  epoh_fml  |  0

yup I have just enough to pay for all my bills and daycare.

I utilize freecycle, thrift stores, and hand-me-downs for myself and my daughter and we in no way look trashy.

  sum1savemeh  |  0

I know what she was saying hunny. I can read thank you very much. however, I'm not sure that she was insulting fat people or whatever you thought. I just think that it was a little mean about what you said

  purplemnm  |  9

well I'm not skinny, but I'm not fat. I built some muscle for sports so Im above a size five but under 10. I definately don't wear daisy dukes, because I don't have the body to make it look good, again I'm not fat, and I don't want to disgust people. I suggest others take their body type into consideration so that they don't look bad.

  purplemnm  |  9

and also I say the things I do because it's my personality to be sarcastic, negative, or rude. i'm not like that all the time but I find it humorous and if you don't like then go to hell because I'm not changing who I am to please you.