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Today, my friend and I told each other about our boyfriends. They're both nice, kind, beautiful, talented, funny, sweet and smart. They also both have the same name. And house. And job. And car. FML
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Yeah, cheaters suck. I've never been in a relationship where a guy cheated on me (Hell, I'm 15 and I barely have been in any relationships). But, if I'm ever in a relationship, and the guy cheats on me, I'm gonna break up with him in a heart beat.

Naith 14

I know what you mean but the description is not right. He for one can definitely not be smart if he is a cheater

wow small world. jk now you gotta confront the guy both you an your friend and be even better friends.

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Umm that sucks OP. I'm single and always wanted to see the Yukon :) lol. But on a serious note dump the no good cheater

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Twins wouldn't have the same name...I hope u both dumped him OP.

I had twin friends both named Mario, they just had different middle names...

44- I thought Waluigi was Warrio's brother?

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Yes, but Wario is the inverse persona of Mario. Just as Waluigi is the inverse persona of Luigi

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I also knew identical twins with the same first name, they were referred to as Sr & Jr...I thought it was weird but guess it's more common then I thought.

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61- That doesn't make any sense at all.

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I know right? They sound like they have a ton in common and OP and her friend should both bring their boyfriends to meet eachother!

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And now they're both single! Right?

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16, I never, and I mean never would've guessed there was just one of them, wow, I guess you learn new things everyday, right?

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5 - Whose to say he doesn't have more girlfriends?

Two girls and a guy. Anyone seen that movie?

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#37 - yeah, I've seen it. It has a *sniff* explosive ending. It has one of the best... Climaxes ever. *sniff* *cough* *cough*

why the **** are you sniffing? do you smell the stink of your bad comment?

Well at least you and your friend have the same taste in guys. You both should go to his house at the same time and surprise him.

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Having the same taste in guys may be more literal that OP wants to think about

88- in that case it'd be "having the same tasting guys".

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Then they can both dump him at the same time too. :)

Like. Oh em gee. You guys should totally, like, go on a double daaaate!

Then the awkward moment when only 3 people show up...

Then the awkward moment where that joke went right I've her head.

This is the best thing I've read on fml.

OP he doesn't deserve either of you if he would double deal. People never deserve the pain of being used. The pain will last a while, but in the end you will find someone who deserves you.Cheer up and feel better Op.Remember that there is someone for everyone , you just have to look.

So it was too long for you to read, but then you took the time to type out that comment?

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#10_What happens when you've been looking & looking and have found no one?! And I'm not even fugly.

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Ya I love Madoka too. It's prob my fav anime as well. I know this has nothing to do with your comment but I just wanted to say that lol. I saw Kyubey and read your bio so ya.

Please don't go all bitchy on each other and fight over this one useless guy. If he cheated on you with your best friend, then he's not worth it. What you should do is take him on a date and introduce your best friend to him pretending you don't know about their relationship. Either way, just both of please dump him. He's not worth your friendship.

Imagine how the conversation went down He's nice; mine too He's beautiful ; mine too He's funny, sweet and smart ; lol mine too He works at x; wtf? hi5 mine too He lives at x ; what?? what's his name.

And he has a freckle on his butthole and a 5" dick! Omg.... Mine too! LOL