By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 01:54 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of two years broke up with me. She wants to try dating women. This is the second time this has happened to me. FML
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wow . you're doing something wrong lol

At least she didn't cheat on you. No?


wow . you're doing something wrong lol

his creating more lesbians for the porn industry! how is this wrong? thank you op!

...because everyone who likes the same sex does porn. Impeccable logic.

#17 hey look it's jackie chan!!

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I have the same problem op. But is it because I'm that bad or that good?

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no 64 cause then gay guys will turn straight......what do you make bi's go to OP?.......animals? O.o

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he makes good girls go lesbian!

hahaha Jared Padalecki FTW

because being with you made her feel like"if I'm going to be with a woman, I might as well be with one that looks like a woman."

I wish there was a like button so I can give u one caboose OT ; go date a guy

There is a like button? Oh and it's OP, not OT :)

what is OT 7?? thought it was OP

I think it might be "On Topic"

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you should help her "ease into it" by doing a 3-way with her & her hot bi-friend.

At least she didn't cheat on you. No?

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your so bad it make woman like woman

I say get a sex change. If the women you date afterwards still break up with you, then YDI.

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Orgasmitron will change her mind!

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oooo from yesterday!

You're the last stop before beavertown

^very nice.

ops a switcherrrrr ;) I'd be seriously worried if I was you. just saying :)

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15 u really need to clean that shit out from in front the mirror... it caught my attention b4 ur body did

haha it was a few months ago, it's gone now, no need to worry ;)

You are probably gay as I didn't see any stuff in front of the mirror. Only noticed a gorgeous body.

hehe thanks :)

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eat more pussy