By Anonymous - 16/11/2010 01:54 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of two years broke up with me. She wants to try dating women. This is the second time this has happened to me. FML
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wow . you're doing something wrong lol

At least she didn't cheat on you. No?


wow . you're doing something wrong lol

his creating more lesbians for the porn industry! how is this wrong? thank you op!

...because everyone who likes the same sex does porn. Impeccable logic.

#17 hey look it's jackie chan!!


I have the same problem op. But is it because I'm that bad or that good?

no 64 cause then gay guys will turn straight......what do you make bi's go to OP?.......animals? O.o

he makes good girls go lesbian!

hahaha Jared Padalecki FTW

because being with you made her feel like"if I'm going to be with a woman, I might as well be with one that looks like a woman."

I wish there was a like button so I can give u one caboose OT ; go date a guy

There is a like button? Oh and it's OP, not OT :)

what is OT 7?? thought it was OP

I think it might be "On Topic"

you should help her "ease into it" by doing a 3-way with her & her hot bi-friend.

At least she didn't cheat on you. No?

your so bad it make woman like woman

I say get a sex change. If the women you date afterwards still break up with you, then YDI.

Orgasmitron will change her mind!

oooo from yesterday!

You're the last stop before beavertown

^very nice.

ops a switcherrrrr ;) I'd be seriously worried if I was you. just saying :)

15 u really need to clean that shit out from in front the mirror... it caught my attention b4 ur body did

haha it was a few months ago, it's gone now, no need to worry ;)

You are probably gay as I didn't see any stuff in front of the mirror. Only noticed a gorgeous body.

hehe thanks :)

eat more pussy