By Anonymous - 10/12/2013 23:38 - Bangladesh

Today, while trying to break up with my girlfriend, I somehow ended up begging her not to break up with me. I'm still not sure how that happened. FML
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Just get it over with already. Seriously, you sound like a character from a bad sitcom.

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Make a ******* decision & stick to it


Wasn't there already an FML exactly like this...? That aside, nut up or shut up about it OP. If you want to end it, be a man and do it.

Just get it over with already. Seriously, you sound like a character from a bad sitcom.

Well, due to my comment being mysteriously deleted... I agree with you 2. OP should nut up or shut up about it. If he wants to end it, be a ******* man and do it.

I believe that was due to your edit abuse :)

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I don't see how things could get that complicated either. So here's an idea for OP: Next time, don't let her say a single word. If you feel like you really want to break up with her, tie her to a chair, tape her mouth, and say what you have to say. Then comes the hard part, untie her and run for your life OP !

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27, I hadn't noticed it had posted already since the app was running slow on me 5 mins ago. I feel dumb now... I probably look desperate... sorry guys.

Oh, that could be true 22. I kept going back cause "oh! let me change one more thing!" Oops.

Oh, really? Because I distinctly remember your post being "u". I guess being first was just your first priority.

Actually that was a typo. My phone slipped and I managed to apparently hit a "u" then validate, not start out my sentence telling OP nut the **** up and be damn man. Alternatively, you caught me. My life revolves around FML and I must now admit my top priority is getting the first comment on FML, so that all the rewards and untold riches that come with it can be mine. Mwahahahaha. ...But I did do that once when I was 16, before I ever got my first, first comment. I won't lie. After that, I did grow up

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#53, now I'm wondering how long ago "when you were 16" was...

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I'm on a cell too and I don't see your first comment either

He was probably listening to drake while talking to her

Or she could be emotionally abusive and made him feel like his feelings didn't matter etc, etc. There are a few different ways this could happen that wouldn't be a ydi for OP.

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Since when? She was just being clever.

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I agree with #18. I was in an abusive relationship and when I tried to end it, he'd somehow flip it completely around and I'd panic and beg him not to end it. It was pretty ******* ridiculous, tbh. He had a way of making it seem like I /needed/ him. Took a while to summon the courage and actually end it and that turned into a dramatic scene. It also makes you feel pretty shitty to realize someone controlled you and walked all over you so simply. OP, if she really is emotionally abusive, you're going to have to stick to your guns and end it. For your own good. Good luck!

48: I was in a similar situation and know exactly how it is. Sad that it happens, but even worse when you can't escape.

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Agreed, been in that position before. She thought everything that went bad in the relationship was my fault and would never admit to doing anything wrong. I feel bad for the OP the gf probably guilt tripped into feeling responsible for everything wrong with the relationship and that things would work if only he did things differently.

I too agree with #18. In fact I had come here specifically to suggest that it sounds like OP is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Been there and know how hard it can be to get out of such a situation. OP, be strong and get out! All the best.

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You let her fool you into thinking it's your problem? Sucker

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Make a ******* decision & stick to it

Follow up please? I want to see how this happened (if you can remember).

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if balls were to be had you wouldn't have an FML bro.

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Try to forgive her she is infamous for being down voted

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Well let me tell you something, bro. Sometimes you get lost in the moment and can't really tell what's happening and even if you had balls they wouldn't show... it's like having an alter ego. bro

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She's either really good at twisting the situation around or you're really not sure what you want