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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because of something I said 2 years ago, as a joke. I guess she took a while to get it. FML
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Your ex is a frigging dumbass. You must be such a good couple.

96 Yes, you are smarter of most of us idiots


Your ex is a frigging dumbass. You must be such a good couple.

let's be honest, that was probably a very poor excuse for "I don't like you" if anything the guys the dumb one for buying it, but I could be wrong......

or 23, you like attention so you comment higher up on the list.

it was obviously a joke insulting her that she chose to ignore until she realised what a prick you were and needed it to let you down gently

muchagente 5

i agree with no 37. we're definitely not being told the whole story.

Well maybe since we aren't the cops investigating a ******* case, it doesn't matter if we know the whole story or not. Some people just don't understand what this site is about...

Ya and I think one of them is you^^^ We still should have the full story to completely understand the OP's situation. Then we can judge who's fault it was.

We aren't here to judge OP. We are here because we want to have a laugh at someone else's mishaps, no matter who's fault it is. If we were to have a whole story for each FML, it'd be a pretty boring site. Plus, I think this FML is a good one the way it is, it's better than those ones we see everyday. It seems the shorter FML's are more effective than a story anyway.

And in regards to the YDI, or FYL voting, go with what is given, and don't try and find a deeper meaning then what is in the actual FML.

muchagente 5

maybe since we're ******* commenting on some ******* stories these ******* comments might as well ******* be the expression that we ******* didn't get the whole ******* story. i don't know what "this site is about" since i didn't make it; but a comment-button might as well be there for comments to me made.

this whole post is probably a joke...

she's an idiot for using that as a excuse.

rallets 22

fuckity **** **** ******* ****

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I bet that she still dosnt get the joke!

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No I think that's a lie and there's something else going on... But then again she sounds like a blonde dumbass you deserve someone better someone who's not an idiot and someone who can not only take a joke buuut has a sense of humor!!!

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Maybe he reminded her about the joke he told 2 years ago and she got it this time?

Maybe it was hurtful even if it was a joke. You probably said something similar recently that flagged her memory and she couldn't handle it. Truth behind every joke. YDI for being a douche bag.

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wtf, seriously NOT all blondes are dumb, I am born a blonde and I have a normal IQ like the rest of the damn world so stfu about the stereotypical bs.

The thing about the stereotype is there's some truth behind it. Fact is, people with a darker hair color are generally smarter because they have copper and zinc in their hair, which makes your hair brown, dark brown (almost black), or (I'm not sure about this one) but maybe even browny-red. But with blondes, they have no or little copper/zinc in their hair so it is proven that they aren't as smart. And I'm not saying blondes are stupid, there's always stupid people and smart but that's where the stereotype comes from.

lmspires 1

OGet a life. Y'all are stupid. It's a FML not a investigation. Shop being dumb asses

Also 188 an IQ really isn't that good of a measure of intelligence either an IQ test is only on vocabulary, no math, problem solving, logic or anything else. Someone can be a genius, but with a lower than avarage vocabulary and their IQ score would be lower than average.

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They say to tell a blonde a joke on Saturday, tell it to her on Tuesday. This, is beyond repair.

LOL SORRY. It took me a while to get this FML.

That's funny because in your picture, your a blonde too.

she probably used it because she didn't have a better excuse for, "I don't like you."

bandit1107 6

I know blonde girls and they r smart

26 i know it's just a little mistake but it's to make a blonde laugh on Saturday, tell her a joke on Tuesday

66... u are also a blonde in ur pic so WTF?

82 - thank you :) I now understand the phrase.. other DDR made it confusing

Pshhyah 7

I'm a blonde, and I am probably smarter of most of you idiots. Way to stereotype though.

96 Yes, you are smarter of most of us idiots

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lmao. not much of an accomplishment if you are smarter than just idiots...


I think you meant 'smarter than', not 'smarter of'.

Shadow4i5 3

lol that comment n ur profile picture face totatlly match

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why are you all being so racist to blondes??

A7X_LoVeee 10

Congratulations 96, you just upheld that stereotype. DERRRP!!

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I like not being blonde so I don't have to deal with a stereotype that's mostly true

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well im a brunette and I have a 4.0 grade average :/

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I really don't get that stereotype. If someone dyes their hair blonde then maybe they are slightly lacking, but if someone's born with blonde hair, that does not determine their IQ or intelligence.

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." So for all the blondes here saying that you're really smart...

dudeitsdanny 9

^Knowledge/wisdom are not the same as intelligence. We're born with intelligence, we acquire wisdom/knowledge.

Agentbat 0

Now that's a rhetorical question :p

Pshhyah 7

Yes, I meant "smarter than." It was a typo. Let's not all jump on me at once.

psyycha typo because you are blonde!

gb_chrs 2

96, you deserve it for calling us idiots =D

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145 Nobody is jumping on you. Your not even hot. maybe u can marry my cuzin, he likes easy dumbasses that r ugly.

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I used to be blonde but my hair's faded to brown so suck it. :D

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blonde is not a hair colour ... it's a disorder!!

adrianblackett 0

Blondes not just a hair colour ... its a burden to society ...

id say we acquire them specifically state we are born with intelligence is pretty stupid. you clearly haven't acquired any yourself

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Blondes aren't all dumbasses. Some of us are actually smart like me. I am a freshman in high school and my I.Q. is that of a nerdy senior. So please do not post blonde jokes without thinking of the actually smart blondes.

miker1000 0

I'm a blonde with a 4.5 xp

145 you said ur smarter than idiots considering that idiots aren't that smart your not really saying anything at all, therefore upholding the stereotype, and contradicting yourself without knowing it

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The fact that all u blondes (especially 188) are so friggin pissed about a dumb stereotype just proves the point, because only stupid or insecure people would have a problem with stereotypes. For example, im a ginger, and when ppl say I'm a day walker or have no soul, I laugh along BECAUSE ITS FUNNY. So everyone just calm yourselves.


grovervac3000 15

Thank you! I'm a blonde! And I'm in the AP math class! 20 kids out of 250 are chosen and I'm one of them!

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damn bro sounds like she needs to grow up

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To get dumped at the very same day he brings the joke again?

how many blondes does it take to understand a joke?

I want to comment something on this FML but nothing pops up to respond to. Maybe she just took the joke as a reason to dump you. Sorry bro!

That's what I thought, or maybe she take things the wrong way and holds hefty grudges...

or maybe it was a mean joke and she just now got it and it hurt her feelings so much that she didn't want to be with him anymore

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i agree, i dont think i could remember a conversation i had last week let alone two years.

I reckon so. When a girl wants to dump you, any excuse will do, even a bad joke from 2 years ago...

Wow. She obviously has the intellectual capacity of a pea O____O

onestarjv 3

peas are actually very smart studies show they are the second smartest vegetable in the world second only to squash :p

lol, she looks like an avatar character.

Why did my comment get buried? :'(

she's obviously making up crappy excuses to end things.

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I agree with you. It seems like she wanted to end things and that was her excuse for doing so.

IHeartJimi02 0

I agree with you. It seems like she wanted to end things and that was her excuse for doing so.

Or maybe it took 2 years to get the joke

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