By Jeff make - 01/04/2012 14:03 - United States - Malvern

Today, I called my girlfriend saying "I think we need to break up." She said "No, I don't think so," and hung up. FML
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g_ayvel 11

I can only imagine what she would do if you told her in person

I can see who wears the pants in the relationship XD But seriously, that sucks T_T


g_ayvel 11

I can only imagine what she would do if you told her in person

She'd probably handcuff his arm to hers. There are a lot of freaks these days...

g_ayvel 11

Probably she sounds crazy enough

I see who's on the receiving end here..

aruam365 24

Yikes... if your bf/gf wants to break up, although it may hurt badly you should respect that they no longer want to be in a romantic relationship with you and cut your losses no matter how painful that is.

g_ayvel 11

9-I have a feeling this or something worse happened to you

i really think OPs gf is black (not to be racist or anything) or that she really like you or it can be both.

pinky78711 5

Well she might just be crazy

... What does skin color have to do with this at all? Did you even think before you posted that comment?

read wat i said. it doesnt have to do anything with the colour. some women such as black has an aggression to control their man and this is wat i think. and you should read second half as well.

^wtf? Couldn't you just have edited your second comment? And concerning your first comment, it was racist, regardless of whether you wanted it to be or not. Congratulations for writing 3 dumb ass comments.

111, you're a dick get ready for some racial slurs! And OP girlfriend needs to cool it, this is probably some of the behavior that caused this to happen!

120 - please go read some anthropology books. all i meant to say was different cultures have different qualities/behaviour and i think that specific quality such as wat i said above is present in certain culture.

Inheritance 10

April Fools a wonderful day to break up with your gf :)

OP girlfriend= gangsta; OP=pussy.

2 words School Days

onceuponatime456 16

Well you definitely made it clear that you ARE a useless racist! WTF does your comment have to do with anything?

I can see who wears the pants in the relationship XD But seriously, that sucks T_T

sabb1228 0

Ok I know this is off topic, but A7x for LIFE!

Yeah man! Avenged Seve-HNNNNNNG

lebronesque73091 12

You sound like you're in a controlling relationship. Either talk to her about it and if you can't do that, I think it would be best to break up with her, in person of course.

jeob1992 8

I saw A7X live and was kinda disappointed

As much as I'd love to join the A7X fan group, this is not the place.

linkinpark98 23

Shut you up... :|

Rejected. OP got rejected.

Sparks808 10

Or forever accepted. Based on the FML, I think OP would have rather been rejected.

I meant he was rejected in that he couldn't break up.

Am I the only one that realized that it rhymed.

MargieDrury 1

I'd call her back saying "yes, I think so".

baseballer4lifey 0

Soo would I

jeob1992 8

I think he deserved it ya wanna end it do it in person

Tell her in person and you wouldnt have that problem

I think OPs gf is Jackie Burkhart

There's probably a reason why he called her instead of face to face.

ifoundalaska 11

It would be pretty funny if he said it in person and she said "I don't think so" and then turned and ran away

bizarre_ftw 21

He won't have that problem, nor a dick - she seems out of touch with reality enough to freak out as such in person

PhishloverA 14

Yeah #6, there would be a much bigger problem

sensoon15 7

Act like all of a sudden you believe in aliens and your theory is they abduct girlfriends. That'll make her go away.

1crabbygirl 10

Too funny!

Am I the only one who thinks that's pretty harsh? For that to be the first thing he says without even giving her a reason?

Can't really give her a reason of she hangs up on him.

pinky78711 5

I bet hw would have given her a reason if she didnt hang up and theirs a good reason because your a freak

^ First of all, someone just said that. Secondly, your grammar is horrendous. Gotta give you props for not saying 'would of', though.

Trix_Disorder 20

Keep in mind it's an FML... Limited number of characters.

He probably didnt start saying that they should break up and he probably tried to be as gentle as he could over the phone, but it would have been better it he did it in person

He deserved it for doing a phone breakup. Unless they are long distance, that's the cowardly way to do it

He was probably thinking it would lead to a conversation where he could explain why but she didn't give him time.

He didn't appear to get the chance to give her a reason!

She probably figured it was an April Fool's joke... and I'm hoping she was right. If not, you know what to do (Every other post is telling you so you don't have to figure it out for yourself!)

maybe she really loves you! she doesnt want to lose you and ahe obviously made it clear

sabb1228 0

Or maybe she's obsessively psychotic. Either way, have fun...

lol okay could be that too ...

I think someone who was upset might try to work things out, rather than say "lol no" [paraphrased].