Smells like victory

By Gagging - 15/06/2015 11:57 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, I opened my front door to be greeted by what I can only describe as the stink of death. After moving furniture and lifting floorboards, frantically searching for whatever had died, I finally discovered the actual source of the stench - my girlfriend's feet. FML
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Welp, time to amputate. There's no other way.

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Well that just plain stinks.

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No clue why this got down voted. It's only a pun for gods sake

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Bitch my gurl aint no Hobbit! ~Kanye West

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Don't play footsie you might catch something and it isn't a big toe lol

It's time to give her a foot massage... using industrial cleaner as massage oil.

You would be willing to touch them?

Better learn to keep the air freshener handy!!

I honestly cant see why our posts are getting down voted, just because we aren't sucking up to OP doesn't mean we have to get down voted

Why cover up the smell when it can (most likely) be eliminated?She may have a fungus. Or it's bad hygiene. Both of those are easily taken care of. Either way, air freshener will only mask the problem. The girlfriend needs to fix the problem.

Well I was thinking more Febreeze, covering it up and eliminating it all together but either way I was just kidding.

unfortunately, that's the rule around here.

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Get her some foot powder or something to take care of that...

time to take her to the shower and slyly wash her feet ;)

Or she can go wash her own damn feet cuz that's nasty

Someone needs a shower. Or some Dr. Scholl's.