By whyme - 07/02/2012 06:38 - United States

Today, I walked into the house only to be greeted by the strongest smell of dung. I asked my mom about it, and it turns out she's been airing these strange herbs throughout the house, most of which are in my bedroom. She won't let me open the window. FML
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pippa08 0

go around the house farting and tell her your airing the house with your own scents of choice


godisnowhere41 5

Strange smelling herbs? Sounds sketchy to me...

She's putting an strong smell to hide something... I doesn't matter if it's air freshener or something else

thinkPlNK 0

over the next few days, Bath and Bodyworks products will suddenly become your best friends!

hellbilly205 17

Sounds suspiciously like skunk weed...

SURPRISE! Mom's a drug dealer. Have a nice day.

Herbs smell like dung? O.o But putting that aside, just open the window when she's gone, taking a shower, or sleeping if you can. if she catches you say you were feeling way too warm/hot. Good luck OP.

palahniukpaul 6

Why your mom let you open the window? That's just odd..

I think what you meant to say was " why doesn't your mother not allow you to open your window?" I think o.0 ....

No, that is a double negative. It should simply read "Why doesn't your mother allow you to open the window?"

Bekeliyr 10

Because the outside will have a noticeable smell. Not to mention dust, bugs, environment, could ruin your herbs if it has any contact.

pippa08 0

go around the house farting and tell her your airing the house with your own scents of choice

chubby_choco 17

...what would you eat to generate that many farts without giving yourself explosive diarrhea?

I suggest air freshener and maybe hang some of those nice smelling things you hang in your car, around your room.

Open a ******* window anyway you spineless twerp.

Just because you disrespect your parents doesn't mean the rest of us do.

Skunk weed sounds like she dosnt want the neighbours knowing

Clamcreepy 7

You need to buy that new Febreze that can cover up any type of smell (well that's what they say on the commercials)

thiscrazything 1

It's gotta be true, I saw it on tv.

Clamcreepy 7

It could be but I don't believe everything I see on tv

Clamcreepy 7

I'am aware of that. I just didn't reply with a joke that was funny.