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Today, I returned home after a four day weekend at my parents' house. Upon entering by the front door, a horrid stench assaulted my nose. Hours later I still cannot find the source of the foul odor. I'm starting to wonder if this is how it's always smelled without my knowing. FML
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Maybe you should leave the windows open more often...


Maybe you should leave the windows open more often...

Or put an air freshener in the wall for a few days, pull it out, and see if it smells any different

Most likely the stench is new because the mind only "resets" it's smells after about 5 minutes of no contact with the odors. Unless OP never left his house ever before that point, the stench is fresh.

22, not necessarily. Every house has a different smell to it, but you don't usually notice the smell of your own house. You leave in the morning for work, then come home 9 hours later, you will still most likely not smell it.

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The only time I noticed my house smell, is when I went to the beach and came home a week later!

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Hopefully there aren't any dead animals/bodies in the house...

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febreze* and i love the scent so ******* much..

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Ask a few more people you know to come in and judge aswell where the smell is strongest

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This is the best advice. I have one friend whose house smells like Asian food and one whose house has an overpowering aroma of burning wood and bacon - neither of them notice that they smell like their house 24/7, much less the fact that their house has a 'smell'

Dude, I would love to have a house that smells like burning wood and bacon, let alone having that smell on my clothes all the time.

Someone has planted a corpse in your home trying to frame you for a murder? Did you forget about a pet?

Who NOSE, could be either. The random appearance of the terrible smell doesn't make any SCENTS..

could be a "friend" messing with you, leaving raw shrimp pieces hidden around house. not that I would ever have done such a thing.

Is it just me or do all houses have their own smell... ? Except your own house of course

Yea i found that aswell.I suppose we're just used to our own home smell

I bet something died in the walls. I would open windows, take out all trash that you can find, check the kitchen cupboards and see if the smell is still there. Maybe invite a friend to help investigate. Good luck.

Don't forget the vents! I have found so many dead rats in my vents over years, it's crazy...

And the fridge, too. My house smelled horrible after a week away because I forgot to clean all the perishables out!

could be you were used to it for so long. open the Windows and clean the house, problem solved.

All houses have their own smell. So maybe you need to burn some candles, melt some wax, spray something...? If you're a clean person then perhaps something died, like a mouse or something, under the fridge, or under the stove or maybe inside the walls.