By broomrape - 29/04/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, I found out that the horrible stench haunting my apartment for the past week was the decomposing corpse of my freedom loving gerbil underneath the bed that I've been sleeping on. FML
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so the combo of a missing pet and and the stench of rotting flesh did not make you want to look around??

22cute 17

Gerbils love to escape. And they're smart...too smart.

You forgot it there after you little "experiment" with the gerbil and a tube?

Thats neglect. you never thought to wonder where your 'freedom loving' gerbil went?? awh.

and...why did you not think, "where the **** is my gerbil?"

racheyvengence 0

This is a total rip off from a different FML.

At least it wasn't your upstairs neighbor.

Wat were u doing with it, having sex with it?

i hope u dont get infection i give u my condolences 4 the poor gerbil, aww y did it have 2 go? so freedom loving!!!!!!!!