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gerbil + cage = good

And you never wondered where it went..?


And you never wondered where it went..?

so the combo of a missing pet and and the stench of rotting flesh did not make you want to look around??

gerbil + cage = good

Gerbils love to escape. And they're smart...too smart.

You forgot it there after you little "experiment" with the gerbil and a tube?

Thats neglect. you never thought to wonder where your 'freedom loving' gerbil went?? awh.

and...why did you not think, "where the fuck is my gerbil?"

This is a total rip off from a different FML.

At least it wasn't your upstairs neighbor.

That is just sick and messed up.

Wat were u doing with it, having sex with it?

i hope u dont get infection i give u my condolences 4 the poor gerbil, aww y did it have 2 go? so freedom loving!!!!!!!!