By John - 13/01/2011 21:12 - United States

Today, I cleaned my entire apartment hoping to find the source of the terrible odor I've been smelling for the past week. It's me. FML
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candy29 10

haha ewwwww... you should shower then..

hahah I wanted to write maybe it's you but.. you did it :D


hahah I wanted to write maybe it's you but.. you did it :D

PuppiesFTW 5

How do you not know you smell bad. First thing a person does if they smell something bad is by smelling themselves first. You can take a shower. The FMLs are starting to be little problems.

(you + water + soap)NOW = no smell

you know you smell like complete ass when you can small yourself without trying. ever heard of soap? it'll change your life.

bfflrhea 0


well if the OP is a black person they can't shower cuz they probably don't wanna mess up their hair

candy29 10

haha ewwwww... you should shower then..

ikr ewwww

heyheywaddup 7

yah obviously u look like shit too lmao jk but still...

akd1v 0

apparently shower none

MarineWifey88 3

There's this new invention called soap . . .

randiZ25 0

o.. o.. how does it work I wanna know!

Your a big kid now, it's time to use a thing called deodorant.

You're a big kid too! I think it's time you spot the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE.

JessieMongoose 11


v1kt4r 13


weissesengel 0

haha right on

How could you not tell the smell was coming from you?

Because the smell of his place was worse at the time !

You'd been smelling it for a whole week? Didn't it seem strange to you that if you went somewhere else you still smelled the same horrible odor? YDI YDI YDI. Take a shower for God's sake.

it could have been his upper lip for all that we know

Buchitoo 4

Lmao @73 I agree with you 9. Also, for a whole week!!! Don't you shower everyday OP? Or at least every other day if you're not into showering?!?!?

So you've been smelling this smell for a week... didn't you notice the same smell was in your car, in class, at work, or wherever you go all day? These BO fml's always confuse me :/

nicesprites 4

haha the same thing happened to me a few days ago. I use deodorant and shower but then I realized it was my feet.

mrstzeed 1

that is absolutely disgusting!!!! DUDE TAKE A DAMN SHOWER!!