By Anonymous - Pakistan - Lahore
Today, I discovered the source of the vile stench in my room. My daughter had "saved" a bird from our cat and put it in a box under my bed, hoping to nurse it back to health. She forgot about it, leaving the corpse rotting in there for who knows how long. FML
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  IworkAt711  |  14

It actually happened to me once when I came home from a dove hunting trip and somehow left one of the birds in my bag. Didnt find it until the next hunting season.

  flockz  |  19

the daughter should have let her mom pigeon some advice instead storking the bird underneath the bed. this idea was never going to take flight and ended up robin the bird of its life.

By  anythingmustbe  |  18

Tell her to beak more careful next time. It was nice what she tried to do but it turned pretty fowl. It is not really emusing of what happened to the bird. It was a good act but it turned into an unpheasant situation.

By  KVKdragon  |  26

As much as I commend her for saving the bird, the least she could've done is told you about so it can be taken to an animal clinic. I highly doubt she's qualified and certified to take care of animals

  melody309  |  35

It sounds like she's pretty young. Usually, little kids don't think like that. Also, she probably knew her parents would say no to taking it to an animal hospital, so she took matters into her own hands. Too bad she forgot to actually take care of it ... but I guess you can't have everything.