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By  Nekogami  |  14

I've got something to this effect, in all seriousness. I have to type up notes during lecture to remember things or else I'll forget half or more of an entire class.

I also will have a conversation and 5 minutes later forget what was discussed and / or forget I had it unless reminded.

Memory span short term wise of a ferret and attention span of a gnat.

By  Red_Wing_Nut44  |  14

It's a conspiracy man! The government's been like, putting microchips in our brain at birth to make us forget everything so the government can control us all! *Takes another hit from bong and passes out*

  head2133  |  12

Its all the corporations man. We need to start a month long music festival to show them we can think for ourselves and then we will expose the violence in the system so that corporate greed will be ended once and for all