By Anonymous - United States - Crystal Lake
Today, my family and I went to feed carrots to the giraffes at the zoo. After I finished my first cup of carrots, I turned back to get some more. Suddenly, I was jerked back and a chunk of my hair was ripped out. The giraffe mistook the orange barrette in my hair for a carrot. FML
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By  wannabesinger  |  16

Pretty sure giraffe's are color blind, so the fact that your barrette was orange probably had nothing to do with it. I'm also surprised your hair was ripped out, because giraffe's use their tongues to bring the food to their mouth. Your hair was probably tugged, but I really think you're exaggerating. Besides, you're the one that turned your back on a wild animal.

  RonnieG  |  10

we don't know what kind of clip it was. nor the texture of the OPs hair. my wife has some that even when she takes them out, they still rip some hair out. I can't imagine if a giraffe yanked it out with their tounge.

  hcollins1  |  18

How do you know she's exaggerating or what kind of barrette she was using? Yea giraffes use their tongue, but it could've grabbed a chunk of OPs hair. Just stop trying to look like you know everything, obviously you don't.