By TJ AJ RJ / IV the V - 21/11/2014 06:11 - United States - San Diego

Today, my boss flipped me off in traffic on my way to work. FML
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You should've taken a picture.

Flip him off at work


You should've taken a picture.

And what? Report it to his boss? ;)

I could totally make a Harry Potter reference right now...

Forget Harry Potter... Top Gun. Flip him the bird while you're inverted right above him, and take a Polaroid.

#41, I don't think most people get the reference... This saddens me.

Flip him off at work

Something tells me that's not a good idea

TanzWolf 26

At least he'll know why you're late?

TanzWolf 26

I was saying because he's in traffic, and the fact that his boss flipped him off means he's mad, because he's going to be late. Just an assumption.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I know I would, #13.

everton99 16

This guys name!!! Best Key and Peele sketch ever.

jimmer23 21

Ehh, people do worse things to each other in cars than just flip you off. He could have mooned you. Can't come back from that level of awkwardness.

Yes because it's possible to moon someone while driving a car

Better act like you didn't notice it at work.

Maybe he couldn't tell it was you? Better park in the back lot for a while... day at work then?

I'm guessing OP's boss has some road rage issues. Sounds like a fun day at work!

I don't take to kindly to those sort of things. I would have flipped out.