By worried - 16/08/2011 13:20 - United Kingdom

Today, I heard that a boy in my class had written a song about me. Intrigued, I went to see him perform. I spent 3 excruciating minutes listening to a song about 'the girl of his dreams', his tear-filled eyes staring into mine the whole time. I have to sit next to this freak for the next 2 years. FML
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Don't be an ass. We've all had to deal with these types of things but there are tactful ways to go about it... And who has the same seating chart for two years?


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Yeah I agree! I wish someone did that for me!

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Yea. If the guy writing the song was a stalker or something, I'd absolutely hate it...

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IKR? Freak? That's kind of harsh. OP sounds like a ******* bitch.

Thats exactly why I said that, some people seem to think that it is good that OP has some creepy guy writing love songs about her.

41 either way, he was only trying to express what he thought about her.

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Well, he's in her class so it's probably not some creepy stalker... Plus.. If he was then why did she go to see him perform? OP be thankful u have a boy who cares so much about you.

53- Why would OP post this on FML if she wasn't creeped out by the kid who wrote the song. It doesn't matter if he was just expressing his feelings, OP was obviously weirded out and thinks the guy is creepy.

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41- The guy is probably not some creep if they are in the same class. (Not too old or too young for her.) She just sounds shallow. I'd love for ANY guy to write a song for me! It's definitely FHL!

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Give that guy a medal i would fail halfway thru the sog... lol

But 70 - what would she have expected if she went along to hear a song that someone had written about her... Oh Worried - you're so normal and I kind of like you but no more than most people I know really...? If the OP knew a boy had written a song about her she had to expect something like this. If she didn't like him she shouldn't have gone along. Since she was evidently flattered by the thought of being the subject of a song she should take it in the spirit it was intended.

84- If someone wrote a song about you, wouldn't you want to hear it, even if you already knew what it was going to say.

That kid has BALLS Even if he's a creep, that's insane to be able to go up there and do that

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@41 - If she thought he was creepy and stalkerish before this happened, then why would she have checked out his song? If someone I thought was creepy had written a song about me and I'd heard about it, I would not have wanted to hear it; I would've stayed as far away as I could!

107- As you are reading this on FML, I would assume that he is not

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If she is intrigued instead of creeped out by the fact that he'd written a song about her, he obviously didn't seem like the stalker type at first. And getting to sing for the girl of his dreams was likely an emotional experience.

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true 117, very true. yet why would she take the time to go out of her way to hear the song some ugly kid wrote about her. whatd she expect

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Ungrateful much? I really can't see how this is an fml as someone caring and writing a song isn't harming op in anyway, I feel sorry for the guy thinking someone as shallow and selfish is "the girl of his dreams"...

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*sung to the tune of yesterday* 75/ why can't I have you by my side?/so we can stare eye to eye/ and know our love can never die!

Maybe she's not shallow at all, dudes probably an ugly creeper

Be thankful he didn't write a song about "The Girl of His Nightmares", or "The Girl With an Ugly Face", or even "The Girl Who Smells Like Rotten Fish"

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41- But if he gonna come in here, he's gonna kick my ask. :shrugs:

Well, it's clear the OP can't take a compliment without being a twat about it.

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@141 Dude, if she doesn't like the fact he wrote a song about her because of how he looks, then she is shallow. You need learn what "shallow" means.

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Thts so cute(: u should be happy!

It's sweet, but if the OP is so annoyed, she should tell the kid to **** off.

he is probably the only person that will love you so treasure the chance...

Well, OP was "intrigued" may be a tad creepy, but that doesn't make him a freak.

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Wow even if he was the stalker type like seriously thats mean he was only trying to tell you how he felt. Have a heart.

On the bright side.. think of all the new songs he'll be coming up with in the next two years! P.S. OP, you are a total, ungrateful bitch. I guess you're one of those many girls that prefer douchebags over real guys.

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What did you think he was going to sing for you?

OP ydi for calling him a freak you hommicidal bitch

153 I don't think she calle him a freak to his face. But your comment has put a smile on my face lol. Thank you

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Totally. He was sweet enough to write her a song, she should be overjoyed. Unless he's a creeper, which she never mentioned.

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Don't be an ass. We've all had to deal with these types of things but there are tactful ways to go about it... And who has the same seating chart for two years?

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I can honestly say that the closest experience to this is that one time a kid asked me if I liked him. And then I said no. This does not happen to everyone. What scary place the world would be if that were true.

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But hopefully you did so with a little grace. That's my point. You in no way have to like someone back, but the let down can be accomplished without making someone feel awful. I personally was locked in a teachers office with a kid screaming about why I wouldn't date him. Even then I let him down easy, then had a chat with him about how his behavior wasn't going to get him anywhere.

Yeah and if she does make fun I'd him for it she will crush this kids self esteem and make him never wanna talk to another girl again

That's cute ! You don't get that often from a guy these days, appreciate it ! You don't have to be a bitch about it, unless ofcourse he starts stalking you or something.. Then you should start worrying !

Probably got the idea from Brian on Family Guy. He should've seen the end of the episode before writing that song. :o