By nemesis5196523 - 03/12/2013 19:45 - United States - Ogden

Today, I got the ending to Breaking Bad spoiled for me by a cashier while I was buying the final season box-set. FML
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Should have thrown the set at his face

That bitch! No human should have to endure the spoiling of the ending of one of the greatest shows in a long time.


Should have thrown the set at his face

That's not the smartest idea.

prinncess00 16

But did you finish purchasing it anyways, is the question?

I'm actually fairly impressed that OP made it this far without stumbling into a spoiler on the internet... Which just makes the cashier that much more of a horrible person.

moonsalt 20

I was thinking the exact same thing, 37. But I for one saw it coming. Anyways, just because the ending is spoiled doesn't mean the rest of the show is spoiled too. I swear every episode was nerve-racking! There's still plenty to learn, OP. c:

@37, I know, right? I feel like if you've been on any social media site or been around the general public at all since the finale, you know the ending. Hell, I know people who knew how it ended before they started the series themselves. Spoiler alerts in real life would be great. OP, don't lose hope. What was probably spoiled for you isn't even the biggest thing that happens, I feel like everyone kind of expected it -- what's more exciting is pretty much everything in those final 5 or so episodes. Be glad you still have a whole season of what's probably the greatest show in any of our lifetimes left to watch and enjoy! The rest of us are stuck rewatching and lamenting over the fact that we probably won't live to see another show like that air. You'll join us soon enough.

sorry all but there is a time limit on TV here. Especially such a hit show like BB. If op really wanted to see the end, he would have found a way by now, a friend, illegal down load, hell legal watching off the website! I figure you have about a week or two at most!! Otherwise it is up to op to open every conversation with I haven't seen it yet, even when talking about something else entirely. That or get a sign made. YDI OP, sorry it does suck but you brought it on yourself.

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#58 You're a moron. Shut up.

oj101 33

The real FML here is that OP was thinking about spending around $100 on a box set, when he could it all on Netflix for $9 a month. Plus, OP could get to watch other shows.

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Cashier: I'm the one who spoils...

That bitch! No human should have to endure the spoiling of the ending of one of the greatest shows in a long time.

In all seriousness, but this is when one of those pen thingies from the MIB series is absolutely necessary.

caohm 18

do research find something the cashier really really loves and ruin it right when they're at the end of it. patience may be needed but it should be worth it.

I've basically been running around school humming out everyone's conversations because I'm afraid I'll hear something I don't want to! Must. Finish. Final season!


Skylar marries Beneke and her, Walter Jr, and Holly all move to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Walter and Jessie open up a bar in Cancoon, while Hank becomes a millionaire off of his beer brand.

No, Skyler and Hollie leave to Argentina, and Walter becomes a lumberjack. Walter Jr. creates a monopoly on breakfast food items, and Jessie builds a robot and fights crime to protect children.

And he beats the cancer

That's when someone gets punched. Sorry they ruined ending to one of the best shows out there!

Murder his family.

Little too far I think.

Nothing is too far when the ending of an amazing show is spoiled.

I hope you didn't buy the box-set in that shop anymore.

I was waiting for one of these...

In all fairness the ending with Walt had to be somewhat expected unless they went into a lot of detail...

I'm sorry that the ending was spoiled for you OP, but watch it anyway. It's worth it. The writing and the acting in the fifth season is phenomenal.

Not the best time for breaking the news to you.

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Yes. It was a bad time for breaking the news.

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