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By  ChromoTec  |  24

How could that happen? Nobody in their right mind would be stupid enough to carry a baseball bat in their car! Sorry you met that ONE person we all hate, OP.

  alycion  |  38

I kept one in my car when I was working in news. We had a lot of break ins and muggings in the parking lot. And walking to and from my car in the middle of the night solo just seemed stupid.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

They probably thought you were a carjacker.

In this context, getting out of your car is an inappropriately aggressive move. Stick to Uber and buses until you learn road etiquette.

  Jenn Em  |  2

People learn through experience. The more this person drives, the better aquainted they will be with the road, and driving etiquette 😬🙃

By  Eivana  |  37

People are impatient pricks, OP. At least you tried to apologize. That's more than most people would do. Don't let this discourage you from driving.

By  Ledzepisrovering  |  2

I'm sorry to hear OP. One time on my way to Chick Fil A, I realised that I parked in the 3-5 minute pick up spot. There was an SUV behind me just standing in the middle of the road/parking lot. I waited for a bit but the person just had their emergency lights on and not moving or anything. Finally, I got out of my space and moved to the closest spot available. As I parked, the person started honking but I ignored it cause I didn't see anything except for them parking up front, closer to the stores. I am gathering all my things to go eat and when I get out, this lady gets out of her SUV. She starts throwing hands and cussing at me about how I stole her spot after I parked in the wrong place. I said I am sorry, I didn't know she was going to park there and calling me a dumbass and racist. Finally, she went somewhere but I made sure to take her license plate and eat where I can see both cars. I am sorry you had to experience that because some drivers are just too aggressive

By  Nhayaa  |  21

I wonder if all the dickheads hitting "YDI" carry a bat in their car as well... I mean, you HAVE to be one of those to think that it's ok to bit anyone for a reason like this. For any reason actually. My faith in humanity decreases everyday...