By Anonymous - 13/12/2016 15:06 - United States

Today, I was on my way to work and someone cut me off. I then switched lanes and sped past the person as I flipped them off. What I didn't notice was that the person that cut me off was my boss. He's been shooting me dirty looks from across the room all morning. FML
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Oh, I hate people like your boss, thinking they're somehow more important that they can just cut right in front of you. I'd have done the exact same thing. Good for you.

I hate people who cut me off, too, but I just don't understand this mentality of escalating road rage incidents. And I really hate people who did what OP did. You're going to chase someone down, possibly putting other drivers in danger and creating a traffic situation, just so you can show the other driver your finger. I'm sure the other driver will really learn his lesson and it'll never happen again.

They didn't chase them down though? They just went around.

No, you shouldn't cut someone off like Boss did. That's his fault and he got what he got.

No, #5 is right. Either one of them could have caused an accident by reckless driving. They're both idiots.

agreed, completely irresponsible to react like that on the road

Well, Boss should've been responsible first and just stayed behind OP.

Don't know why you are getting downvoted. Granted, they are idiots, but boss started it by cutting him off and potentially causing an accident.

#19, Because safety is more important than a pissing contest. The boss creating a dangerous situation does not give OP the right to make ANOTHER dangerous situation. OP was just as likely to cause an accident, and would have been legally/financially responsible for it. Telling the cops "B-but, HE started it!" won't get you out of a reckless driving charge. More importantly, it won't undo the damage done.

He's probably gonna shoot you a pink slip soon. Get your resume ready and learn to keep that flipping bird under control.

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Give him dirty looks right back. Just because he's your boss doesn't mean he has power over you about non work related things.

Kinda does. Op can be fired and therefore can't pay bills, won't have money to eat, and not to mention taking care of kids if he has any.

Yeahhhh, no... he basically has control over OP. That's how life works...

both of you are jerks...go get promoted. it will make. great dynamic duo

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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