By anon - 14/01/2013 03:00 - United States - Dublin

Today, I walked into my mother's house to find that she had knitted clothes for some of the household appliances. The toaster was wearing a dress. FML
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She should open a business. I like her idea.

Well, instead of always making toast warm, isn't it time the toaster deserved to be kept warm itself?


I hope it was at least a pretty dress for your sake OP. xD

chell1894 13

Sounds like she's lonely. Take her to lunch or something.

Schizomaniac 24

Chell, darling, though I'm sure Felling would love to take OP's mother to dinner, I think you meant to address the OP. FML has recently seen a drastic decrease in 1st comment thread-jacking, and as such I think the community likes to mercilessly beat in the faces of those who jeopardize this new achievement. Perhaps in the future you might consider not commenting on the first comment unless you want to address its content. Besides, your face is much too lovely to be mercilessly bashed in. :) Kindest Regards, Schizomaniac and the rest of the FML community

No, no, no you have it all wrong Felling. The toaster isn't wearing a dress it's wearing a pencil skirt which, in my opinion, is totally wrong for its rather rotund body structure. *snaps fingers*

She should open a business. I like her idea.

ncsteven10101010 11

I would definitely be interested. I always thought my blender would look better in a sweater!

klovemachine 24

How about a scarf for the refrigerator :-)

R4inb0wBrit3 13

Or a jacket for the coffee maker :)

I've always rather fancied a frock on my kettle actually... A blue woolly one.

lilmisslovely13 15

I think thats adorable! I would buy them

It's not a completely crazy idea! The women that is basically my second mother has a dress, name and gender for her dishwasher detergent. However, I admit that was put there when I was a child to make washing dishes 'funner', and that doing this to all of your appliances is odd, but it does make boring objects look pretty :)

blcksocks 19

If you give her a medal, she'll probably put it on the microwave as jewelry..

Well, instead of always making toast warm, isn't it time the toaster deserved to be kept warm itself?

Well what kind of appliance owner would she be if she doesn't keep them warm in the winter...

Looks like she's really lonely. F her life. :/

Oh my gosh that is so awesome! I always did feel weird around my bare legged furniture. You should tell her to knit some clothes for the trees outside too :)

VScpu 3

She might, but Idk how you would even begin to put it on.

GhostDuck 30

In the Victorian Era, they covered. Sofa (and other furniture's) legs because it was too... Erm, promiscuous.

Well the brave little toaster WAS kinda feminine in the movies...

pheebs314 17

So? It's her house. As long as it's removable so she can use it without starting a fire I don't see how it should make a difference to you at all. From the sound of it, you don't live with her.

Schizomaniac 24

"Some" of the appliances, eh? So what, others were just not good enough to deserve special treatment? What did they do wrong? Do they not meet her "standards"? That's bullshit. Disgusting.