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  sourgirl101  |  28

34 you're right! The OP wasn't tricked but a note or heads up would have been nice. Especially, when it's maggots brought into your home.

I have an 55gal fish tank with puffer fish. I was not happy when my husband put bloodworms in our freezer without giving me a warning. If I would have known, it would not have been an issue.(:


Who grabs an already filled glass of juice out of the fridge?
I'd be a little irritated if I didn't finish a glass and put it in the fridge only to find some had drank it instead of getting their own.
So really, it's not the sister's fault, it's OP's fault.
I wouldn't have put a label on it either, I wouldn't think someone would just go an drink someone else's juice.
He was lazy and did something rude and got a little karma for it.


Where have you been?
I'm pregnant, overdue, and on bedrest.
I'm in a bitchy mood pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
And even when I'm not pregnant, I'm pretty obnoxious.

Now, that being said...there was nothing angry or obnoxious about my comment, so go find a dictionary next time you want to try and take a crack at me, dumbass.

  kayloh20  |  5

Terrible that this happened but also partially OP's fault. I don't recommend drinking a random glass, that is just sitting there, of anything, even if it was in the fridge (unless it was mine).

  KidCracken  |  0

#140 i like you :P

And i totally agree.. i would never just drink some random glass i dont even know what is.. it's both rude and potentially disgusting

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#25, it's not about being paranoid, it's about being polite. When I see a glass of juice, I assume someone has poured it to drink and I don't take it for myself. A little courtesy would've kept OP out of this situation.


I am not in the habit of going around, drinking other people's glasses of juice. 1.) they may have set it down to go do something and would be upset that I drank it. 2.) There is no telling who poured it and if they are sick or not. 3.) There is no telling how long it has been sitting. 4.) Oh yea it could be something else like a science experiment with freaking maggots in it!!!