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Today, three of my dipshit coworkers kept whining all day about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, how devastating it is, and what it means for their future. As a pacifist, I've never had to struggle so hard to not beat the piss out of people and hurl their broken remains out a window. FML
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It's scary that there are workforce-aged people thinking like your coworkers 0.o

One Direction=Wrong Direction We all feel your pain


It's scary that there are workforce-aged people thinking like your coworkers 0.o

I mean, people can a job as early as fifteen, thats when i started working, but I'm sure there are people like that at every age (definitely not myself).

I bet you guys the ones that disliked this fml are fans of him.

I'm truly sad to have learned this. Not because he is leaving but because now I actually know news about the band. You should've kept it to yourself. The FML community doesn't deserve this.

They've been around for 5 years, so I imagine if they started listening to them at 15, they'd be 20 now, and in the work force

What is wrong with this, I like their music, everyone has a taste. If op seriously cares that much maybe he should change the subject and if he doesn't even talk to his peers then what's the problem.

GwennaRose 22

You know. I read all this and think..."at least those kids are crying over real people while I'm crying because of anime characters that don't even exist"

Yee man, I completely feel your pain

no its scary to think there are people like this person

Go to the dark side. It has cookies and no stupid co workers

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Please don't hold yourself back next time ppl like this need to be beaten up over crap like this

We don't need another Clarkson incident.

iipinkette 16

Is that really necessary? Although the Im personally not a 'directioner', Just because someone is speaking about something you personally dislike doesn't mean you have to "beat the crap out of them"

Exactly. People should be allowed to have their opinions, you can'tbeat someone up.because you disagree with them. If this was the other way round would that be any more ok? Just live and let live!

You can but you're not supposed to. Don't say you can't, you're just advised not to.

Damn ppl can get upset over crap... I'm sorry One Direction fans I meant no disrespect. But look on the bright side, at least the band is breaking up now, imagine they hit puberty and their voices cracked up. What sound bad now would be unimaginable

So 12 year olds are allowed to work in the US?

You know the most popular one direction fan fiction was written by a 20 something year old fan who is married right??

nialls_girl 13

I'm 20, been in the fandom since I was 16. Ya mad, bro?

#99, no one with a life knows that or cares

165, just because you aren't interested in something other people are or don't share the same hobbies doesn't mean it's okay to put them down. There is no need to be rude or disrepectful at all. Also, I believe the commenter you were bashing actually had a relative comment regarding the age most people think the fans of the band are, unlike your completely unnecessary comment.

Everyone should look up One Direction Shreds on YouTube and then start laughing your ass off. Lol

A lot in the UK are 20 and 30-somethings, some older than that. Obviously a lot of younger girls too, but boyband fandom spans generations.

@176 Ever heard of free speech? He can say whatever "unnecessary" things he wants to.

Yes he can. The rudeness is what's unnecessary, not his opinion.

I'm sorry kayrb, but its FML. Nobody got time for politeness. lol jk jk, but it's crazy out here.

chillandfun 12

Tell them if they don't shut up the whole band will break up...

tiredteenager 16

The fact you didn't beat them up is great! I don't think I would have held my cool that long!

jcshadow 16

Where do you work that they're young enough to worry about one direction? I thought child labor was illegal

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amberv61 22

Every band has helped someone in some way. I can understand being upset but a lot of the reactions seem so overly dramatic to me. Band members leave bands all the time. There are better ways to show you care like showing him and the band support over what they thought was best. Not crying and threatening lives

ITS.A.DAMN.BOY.BAND. cry when your grandma has a heart attack not over something that has no effect on you.

Oh please. The only people who react that way are obsessed fangirls. You know what I do each time one of my favorite bands breaks up? Nothing. I listen to the music of theirs I have, enjoy what happiness said music has provided me, and move the **** on. I won't bash you for your terrible taste in music (oops, just did), but seriously, grow up and stop obsessing over someone who will never know you, and would forget your face after five minutes, if you ever did meet him.

#30 is harsh but true. Not going to be personal about One Direction because everyone can enjoy whatever music they want, but there reaches a point where you mature and you stop saying shit like this. It kind of brings a smile to your face to see almost the exact same stuff you wrote about a band you no longer care for and realise they never personally cared about you. One Direction didn't get you through hard times, YOU did. Be proud of yourself for that and don't rely on anyone else x

You just sound like a kind of ... Pitiful sad person. I can't imagine much going on in your life if you lean so heavily on one band, for that much support. That's just really sad. And that you think them breaking up means something..... You just seem so damn pitiful hun.

Look, I'm not trying to be mean, because I also love them, but I didn't cry, because crying isn't going to do anything, and I'm sure within a year he'll come back. Also, if he isn't happy any more he shouldn't have to be in the band.

TomeDr 24

Seriously? Look, we could understand if one of them DIED, but they didn't. It's a band. Bands break up all the time. You WILL survive the experience!

Ugh all that I can think of is MCR...

You and all the other 1D fans need to hear this. Zayne is leaving of his own free will. He did not get kicked out, there are no extreme problems with his contract. He can always start his own thing. You have not experienced fandom pain yet. All of the members are still alive. Other than that, he didn't have to create a lawsuit to try to leave. Kpop idols have to either sue or hope they have a good manager to get out of what are known as "slave contracts". During the lawsuit the entertainment company blacklists them from every studio/show/radio station, and ban everyone under them from communicating with them even to the point of confiscating phones and other devices. They basically make it so that the idols can no longer continue working in the country in the entertainment industry anymore. If they're lucky an overseas company MIGHT take them. Yea, I get that they positively impacted your life. But now you need let them live theirs and be happy that they can do so without their lives being ruined for wanting to get out of a situation they weren't happy in.

10, I'm normally not the type of person to say things like "You should go ahead and take a long walk off a short pier," but your comment is making me rethink that.

Look, I'm not going to hate on all you Directioners and your choice of music, but I find everyone's reactions over Zayn leaving extremely over dramatic. Like today, I made a little joke about it ("Oh, Zayn's leaving One Direction? So what direction is he going in now? North.. South.. East.. West..") , and next thing you know, I had a million death glares sent my way, a book hurled at me, and one girl had the nerve to give me some long emotional lecture about how "this isn't something to joke about, why are you being so RUDE?" He's leaving. He's not dead. And some people say he might even come back. In the meantime, the rest of the band is still going to be there for all of your enjoyment, and their old songs with Zayn in it will still be there for you to listen to. The world will still be spinning. You'll all be okay. So please, on behalf of the rest of us, just take a moment, and chill.

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You're allowed to have things that are important to you. Everyone deals with things differently, theres no reason to judge or criticise them. She is asking op to stop threatening physical violence to someone becausegof their musical interests and trying to provide another point of view. Be kind.

You can be upset when a band breaks up or someone leaves for a multitude of reasons. It will change the band. Its one of the reasons people are devastated Clarkson's leaving. You don't have to agree but others are entitled to their opinions and unlike yours, theirs are not hurting anyone.

Also, still not trying to be mean, but eventually I'm sure he'll come back. Almost every boy band had had a reunion tour, I'm sure he would come back, and maybe he won't, but obviously he was too stressed being in a major band. If you hated your job, you wrote be allowed to leave, so so should he

#10, I agree! They meant a lot to me too.

That's what they said about Bieber...

amberv61 22

#109 I don't like the people in my own fandom that overreact like that. There is no prejudice, there is just no logical reason to react as dramatically as people have been.

# 10...I just want to know if it hurt much when you balled your eyes out. Did you use a melon baller or an apple corer?

One direction is nothing more than a band of singers. If they, who don't give a shit about you, happen to break up, it doesn't matter at all. And if a band who you maybe only met once in your life (or probably never) means the world to you, then you have some serious ******* problems.

So you "balled" your eyes out? Ouch! It's *bawled* but perhaps if you prefer another incorrect term, you can also use "bald."

#20, not even a band, it's a GROUP lol band implies they are atleast marginally cool

poppunkette 22

See this is why people don't like one direction fans or bronies! Wah Wah Wah my fav band broke up I need to cry to everyone Wah Wah Wah Big deal bands break up all the time. Just because people can't stand that overly produced pop crap you call music doesn't make us any less human.

amberv61 22

#166 If we are gonna go with technicalities here they are considered a boy band

You guys are being really harsh - bands can really help people - they can mean an awful lot and it isn't fair of you to dismiss that. My friend loves Will Young because he was the first singer she ever heard after she got a cochlea inplant. What is it to you if someone relies on a band? I rely on books and some music, people credit tv shows or actors for helping them all the time - as long as someone isn't pushing it down your throat why ruin these things or dismiss how they feel?

209, it's one thing to love a singer because they're the first one you ever heard, it's another to claim that a group of 5 singers who don't give a shit about you helped you through tough times. Music is a personal choice, to each their own. But goddamn, find your chill. If you actually give a shit, listen to what you still have and support both in the meantime. No need to bawl like a 5 year old who didn't get their ice cream.

You seriously should consider drinking a gallon of grow up juice.

Music IS a personal choice. It is human nature to become attached to ideas and some of these can be inspiring. Some people find friendship in music. I'm just saying - if it upsets people then it upsets them. We don't have to be rude to them about it. People get very upset over a football game, we can respect that too.

Honestly, the fans are more unbearable than the band is

But dude it's just a band, and how does One Direction help anyone through anything? They're in it for money. End of story