By Anonymous - 08/05/2009 14:53 - Canada

Today, while working as a makeup artist in the mall, I was approached by a man who wanted to try lipstick, which isn't unusual we do a lot of drag. While I was applying it, he started to make gross noises and, after a quick glance, I realized he had a massive erection. He then whispered, "Mmmm don't stop now." FML
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danggg sooo gross

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well did you finish him off at least?


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danggg sooo gross

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omfg that's just NASTY! I wudve freaked!

wut a fukin PERV

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HOLY CRAP!!! F*** ur life!

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lipstick fetish win. fafp.

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did u havesex?

I agree, your life is f***ed!!!

At least it was massive? Lol just kidding thats still gross..... People really should control those urges in public.

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well did you finish him off at least?

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that's wat I was going to ask lmfao

in which way?

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That really sucks...

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That's probably why it's on FML.

the sarcasm is real

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Ugh, I am SO sorry. That'd be really awkward; in these situations, people need to keep their fetishes to themselves!

I'd be terrified, women should be allowed to wear mace for this reason. 1000th COMMENT!

I'd be terrified, I think women should be allowed to carry mace for this reason. 1,000th Comment!

uh... I'm pretty sure women ARE allowed to carry mace.

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Women definitely are allowed to carry mace. I almost always have it with me.

He should have least slipped you a 20 for your trouble.

I am not sure that would be legal

155. It'd be like getting a tip... A very awkward tip...

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LOL "after a quick glance" G_G