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Today, I received a ticket for not having my headlights on. The cop who pulled me over had a broken headlight. FML
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And cops also go 80 down the road at night without their sirens on. Cops do dangerous and illegal things all the time on the road and since they enforce the laws, no one can stop them. I feel your pain OP

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I AM ABOVE THE LAAWW!! **re-gels hair**


mwrc8man94 1

And cops also go 80 down the road at night without their sirens on. Cops do dangerous and illegal things all the time on the road and since they enforce the laws, no one can stop them. I feel your pain OP

While it does make him look like a hypocrite, you still deserve it. If it wasn't late enough for you to need them on, the judge will waive it.

Actually, there is such thing as citizen's arrest which allows you to stop a cop or stop him from doing other things wrong.. But everyone is to scared to try that!

mwrc8man94 1

Citizens arrests are usually on other citizens, not police officers.

In Canada, if you point that out (nicely of course) he will let you go!

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29- do you even know how funny you are?

Just because he has one headlight doesn't make you having no lights on at all. At least you could see the cop, Ive seen people make lane changes into cars because they couldn't see the car next to them because they didnt turn on any lights! And as for cops doing 80 with no lights/siren. By definition they only use those for emergencies/pulling over cars. High priority calls allow them to drive above the speed limit but not use the lights unless at am intersection or other places that make the passage of the police car un safe at speed. So THINK before you flabber there because some of us have a parent as a cop/know a few and understand how this works.

mwrc8man94 1

Just because your parent is a cop doesn't make high speed driving less dangerous, and any police car that is driving almost double the speed limit (as was the case in my story) should definitely have their siren on because, regardless of your personal bias, it is dangerous.

You think they can go 65 and catch the persons speeding ahead? You're an idiot!

We all know how this is played -Joe Swanson

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So true!! Not to mention that they don't use their blinkers either, how are you suppose to go the opposite direction if you don't know which way they're going?

mwrc8man94 1

77- you idiot if they were intending to pull someone over or get somewhere quickly they would turn on their sirens, however I am talking about when they are cruising down the street going much faster if not twice the speed that everyone else is going. They also hardly ever use blinkers and even run red lights sometimes. They get too fuc*ing cocky and think that they are above the law.

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Cops don't often use sirens at night so they don't disturb sleeping neighbors...

Why is 7 so thumbed down? You can stop a cop as a citizen's arrest and request his badge number.... I have done it. Damn guy was going around 90.

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Cops are hated everywhere by a lot of people until someone breaks into your house and you call 911 then all of a sudden you need them right? Stop complaining about them speeding maybe they're going to a call at night

It isn't the cops fault his lights out. It is the Maintinece guys faults.

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I AM ABOVE THE LAAWW!! **re-gels hair**

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Hypocrites.... the government's full of them.

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You both have broken headlights, but he has the tickets....

My uncle is a cop and he drives the wrong way just to scare people. And the passengers... Like me...

Actually you are only legally required to have the driver side headlight working so that oncoming traffic can determine if they are going to miss you or not. If the cop had his passenger side light broken then he was breaking no laws. You deserved the ticket for not having them on. I love how everyone jumps on the hate police band wagon without bothering the learn the law first

Um....YOU?! I didn't write this FML, so you obviously clicked on the wrong reply button. Either that or you're a complete moron.

65- in what country is that? ... Here in australia. If a car is fitted with exterior lights they all must be working regardless of where they are placed on the vehicle. Imo op deserved the ticket! What kind of moron drives at night with lights off?

The fml is from Florida in the United States. Technically they were correct about the drivers side being the ticket worthy offense. He can still pull you over with a passenger side light out just can't write an actual ticket.

Akumie 6

Step 1: become a police officer Step 2: break all his lights Step 3: steal the car Step 4: park in a no parking zone Step 5: give him a ticket yelling 'In your ******* face! Step 6: sit in jail, mumbling 'it was worth it' insanely

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Follow him until he parks and, on a piece of paper, write him a copy of your ticket. His face = -_-

Orrrrrr....just take a picture that captures the situation, complete with the license plate and stuff and make it an internet meme for the douchebag cop

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Difference there is he unwittingly had a light issue, you were the one who endangered fellow drivers by neglecting a basic flip of the switch.

Are cars made differently everywhere? Because I haven't ever owned one that didn't have automatic lights!

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*palm face* get off this planet.

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You should become a cop too then

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I noticed my barber's hair was messy, should I become a barber too?

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Only if he gives you shit for it

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Don't start. They're a necessity.

Damn morons not following rules these days!!!

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They just need something to do so they write bullshit tickets they do it to everyone