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By Anonymous - 08/05/2014 02:31 - United States - Tampa

Today, my husband and I put our children to bed a little earlier than usual, so we could have some sexy time. Immediately following my full-blown orgasm, I rolled over, only to see my wide-eyed son peeking over the top of the mattress. FML
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a lock on your door would have cum in handy ;) gotta love kids tho


and then show the kid #1s profile pic. "its natural honey, i promise"

Lol first comment coming from Ron Jeremy=perfect

vuduguru 5

kinda creepy for that kid to keep watching

Draw me like one of your french girls. ( your pic)

lets just hope it isn't the stork at this point. btw hisoka is epic.

a lock on your door would have cum in handy ;) gotta love kids tho

It's safe to say that OP got shafted.

#19 I don't think it was "balls." I mean, if a little kid hears their mother screaming and yelling continuously, they might think they're in trouble and run to help.

Haha I thought that was a good pun #22. Shame you got down voted...

a lock on the door is best, little kids don't ever knock or feel like they shouldn't be right there. They are use to being everywhere that mom & dad are, they don't understand unless you have given specific instructions and training not to go into that one room, even then you are risking exactly what happened.

The poor kid will forever remember that.

No, he won't forget. << speaking from experience : (

No... No matter how many times I bash my head against the wall, the image is there forever...

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He will also remember to knock next time... lol

How old is he?? Hopefully not old enough to remember..**** his life

Old enough to walk and know to stay quiet so chances are he's probably going to remember that forever. Poor kid. He'll probably also tell grandma and grandpa. Kids are great tattle tales.

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Reminds me of a modern family episode where Hailey, Luke, and Alex walk in on Claire and Phil.

Loved that episode. And the show in general

I moderated this one and I think it originally said the kid was two. My memory could be poor, though.

It said two. Relatively few people actually remember anything from 2 years old.

I have a memory from when I was two. My uncle shot a pig for a party. It's hard to believe but yeah. My parents even said it happened. So.. if it was traumatic for him, he'll probably remember.

walked in on my mother and her man friend when I was two and the image is still their so the kid will most likely remember

I have a few vague memories of age two, but my first clear memory was my third birthday. I had two awesome cakes, and I remember picking my nose in the doorway between my living room and dining room, and my dad catching me in the act. :x

I remember lots of things from when I was 2 and none of them were traumatic. He's going to remember.

One of the very few memories I have from when I was two was pulling our old cat's whiskers out. He was the kind of cat, though, that just sat on the couch and let me repeatedly yank them nearly all out.

@72 I'm sure the grandparents are 100% sure that there's sex happening in their grown children's bedrooms, but honestly what parent wants to hear about it? I wouldn't want my kids to tell my parents all about what happens in my bedroom if they were to ever walk in on it. I definitely wouldn't wanna hear what my kids do when they're older either.

If he's very young, you won't be surprised to see ur son copying your moan/action the next day.

I feel sorry him, memories like that that will haunt him.

That's what keys are for!!!!! Only years later did I understand why my parents sometimes locked their bedroom door...

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Looks like you didn't see that coming............ but he did

I see what you did there. Very clever indeed.