By anon - United States - Bullhead City
  Today, my husband and I decided to have a quickie before the kids woke up from their nap. The sex was amazing and I couldn't hold in my screams or not hit the wall. About 15 minutes in, both of our children came busting in with their nerf guns, screaming, "Where's the monster?" FML
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By  JMichael  |  25

Did you yell "it's your dad! Get him, quick!"


Isn't it funny when someone gets downvoted after saying something, s/he ALWAYS gets defensive because absolutely no one in the entire FML community has a sense of humor? It's neeeeever because the one commenter simply wasn't funny.

Maybe the problem isn't with the world; maybe it's just you.

  swick25  |  22

Glad I am not the only one who was thinking this. Damn 15 minutes into a Quickie....... I envy you my dear!!!!! Also your kids are awesome, hopefully they didn't see anything they weren't supposed to!!!!!

  MrDespicable  |  4

I do not understand the fuzz, 15 minutes sounds like a quickie to me. Assuming climax was nearing. What is the time you assume with a quickie? Like 2 minutes? But I do agree scream into a pillow or something.

  soulebelius  |  17

87, foreplay is not included in quickies. Like if you were having sex in an office, you wouldn't be kissing the hand, nuzzling the neck, sucking on nipples and all that jazz or else you would deserve to get caught! Get in and get out..