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By latino - 11/11/2010 11:30 - United States

Today, at the museum I volunteer at, I was touching some of the things in the exhibit where you can feel what natural boobs and testes feel like. I started rolling the "boob" like a stress ball and forgot where I was. When I realized people were staring, it became very awkward. FML
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It could have been worse! At least you weren't rolling the testes :)

it's kinda what you get for doing that...


it's kinda what you get for doing that...

mintcar 9

Yeah, he should've walked away as if nothing had happened though.

wethequeens123 1

uhh what kind of mueseum do u work at?

probs a human body exhibit

Blue_Coconuts 7

I'm with 36, what museum is this exactly?

OrginalOwen 0

Where do I sign up?

KingDingALing 9

I agree with #69. I want to work at that museum and take those fake boobs to the bathroom with me...

It could have been a sex museum. My sister went to one for the new years. There pretty cool.

They're not staring at YOU , OP, they are staring at the boob, everyone loves boobs.

Lmfao, so tru

penismightier 3

I love boob

wow if you need to touch fake tittie's you need to get yourself a girlfriend cus obviously its been a while XD hahaha

129 fail's at being classy and using grammar's correctly. anyway, I'm with everyone else... what kind of museum IS this?!?

OrginalOwen 0

I prefer fake boobs over my girlfriend, all she does is bitch and whine. " that's too hard" well fuck you too bitch

teggman93 0

way to much info maaaaannn

You're one to talk. Your grammar is nearly as bad, if not comparable.

CherryBomb511 3

I could see how this would happen; breasts can have a soothing and tranquil feeling to them much like clouds.

mintcar 9

Haha, win. ^

butthole_cheeze 0

just glancing at your profile picture, i thought your tattoo was on your right arm and that you just had saggy, wrinkly nipples. yumz.

that's why I like mine so much!!

C6Racer 0

Pure awesome.

in his defense he could have started to drool. And what the hell kind of museum do you work at??

Cherrybombs-Do you feel your own to find out

It could have been worse! At least you weren't rolling the testes :)

BensLilPrincess 0

haha! so true!

hunter989 0

3 win lmao (:

bamagrl410 31

Haha that probably came next...

#120 "that CAME next" nice pun haha

don't think the pun was intended.

karlh043 1

Wanna chat with u ab ur pic. Email me. [email protected]

you just couldn't help yourself?! YDI

nickharbut 6

I forgot I where I was? that makes no sense.

I'm sure you can work it out...

It's called zoning out. Wasn't too hard to figure out.

haha I realised that too!

Touching boobs like that will do that do you. It will totally make you What?

Doc, you been touching boobs..?

Every chance I get, my Aussie friend.

it makes total sence

I wanna go to this place.

Museum of sex!

sounds like a place people would actually go

Try the Sex Museum in Amsterdam. Interesting place.

Ewww, lol but it's not as good if it isn't real! And it's in a lot of people so it's just weird. Lol

penismightier 3

sexy time!

Why would you be embarrassed for getting some "boobs"? They were just jealous. Next time discover what it feels like for the fake testis to be squeezed between the fake boobs.

surferchick96 0

you enjoyed that wayyyy to much.

herkysfinest 0

k fatty...

#26 Kindly keep your mean comments to yourself. She doesn't look fat at all! I don't see any point to making mean comments about the appearance of others.

Actually she's 14 and put up a picture she found on the Internet.

nerds, don't feed the little troll. Trolls are just like itches - if you ignore them long enough, they go away. Then again, trolls are also like pro boxers - if you hit them in the head enough, they spit blood and get brain damage.

#40 Sorry, Doc! *Shame* Defending others who are being picked on is like a knee-jerk reflex for me. I've had my appearance picked on so much that I can't stand to have the same thing happen to others.

Awww NGMH, :)

riseofabreakings 0

...Wow some people are such jerks, and that sucks ngmh there are FAKE displays that are suppose to show you what REAL breasts and testicals feel like? Can someone please tell me where this guy lives so I can punch him in the face and show him what a real fist feels like

amen to that, hehe!

ZeroXG 0

This wins on so many levels.

lildevil963 0

um it kinda says florida very clearly at the top

you said fake! im telling!!!

mintcar 9

" ...and forgot where I was."*** Also, your FML is boring. I know boobs feels good and all but you should've just walked away as if nothing had happened. Embarrassment, it happens.