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By pandabear - 12/02/2010 19:52 - United Kingdom

Today, I got an alert from Facebook that it was my very popular and attractive classmate's birthday. I decided to be sweet and write "Happy birthday" on her wall, only to notice it wasn't there a few minutes later. I rewrote it again and it disappeared. After three attempts, I took the hint. FML
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I don't see why she was such a bitch about it. I mean, if she's so popular, your comment won't even show up on her wall in a couple of hours. Besides, it's just "Happy Birthday", it's not like you declared your love for her or something.


She surely fits into the category of attractive people who lack personality or substance.

the hint was that his Internet connection wasn't working.

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I don't get it. How can anyone not mention filters. My friend has that, and whenever I post something, it disappears within 3 seconds. After she approves the message, it reappears on her wall again.

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You know messages have to be approved if they have that setting active right?

I was #1 but for some reason my comment disappeared

Maybe the girl is not a bitch and there is no hint to get. Maybe facebook is being ... well facebook. It happened to me to one time. I posted 8 times or so, they all disappeared. A few hours later all 8 identical messages reappeared. Facebook is not really stable. Give her the benefit of the doubt, why would she delete your message but still keep u as a facebook friend? Chances are that even if she doesn't think your the coolest guy she knows, she still likes the fact you tried to be sweet and posted that message. Besides I think she has better things to do on her birthday then looking at facebook all day waiting for you to post a message so she can immediately delete them. If she hasn't got anything better to do, maybe she is not that popular. Otherwise she is a real bitch and you are better of without her as a friend.

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lol 179 a couple of people asked "where is number 1?" and they were just answering

OR! Maybe it was a fake birthday. Some people put stuff like February 30th as there birthday cause they don't want people knowing there real birthday. So when the OP posted happy bday, she erased it. Ever think of that?

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Agreed. She's a bitch for doing that OP, you most certainly did not deserve that, you were being nice!!

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Person with many friends are not a good friend for you. The person will treat you like one of many people she/he knows and you'll never experience deep friendship bonds. Eh, but who needs friends?! All they do is ask for money/stuff and take a long time or never return it, envys and tries to convince others to break up when they're single, will leave you out and won't play with you when they got a girlfriend/boyfriend!

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I agree 100%. I have annoying fat chicks post crap all the time and I just have to delete and block them. however, if it's just like happy birthday, I wouldn't mind.

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Who wants to bet on soccerplaya being a repulsive, unpopular kid?

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@94 I'd say he's a fat chick magnet.

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all he was saying was happy birthday it doesn't mean he's trying to suck up or anything

saying happy birthday isn't kissing ass.

Omg yeah OP is so annoying for saying Happy Birthday omg what a bitch. Yeah because a nice, polite comment is called kissing ass? Now what, saying please and thank you to the opposite gender is begging for sex?

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I guess we aren't talking about a dictionary because its obvious you haven't seen one of those before.

This sounds like that one FML posted a couple of days ago with the kid who didn't know his (or her) mom was in Florida. Either way, sorry OP. :( Some people are awful.

I didn't remember whether it was a boy or a girl. :/

Yeah, this sounds like a twisted version of that. The way the OP describes this person makes me click YTDI for being a suck up.

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agreed #8 I think he ripped off the other FML

Don't worry, she'll get pregnant, drop out of school, the father will leave her, and all she will ever amount to is an aged and bloated *****. She will also most likely get raped at a hole-in-the-wall strip joint named Peepos' Look-A-Lot.

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u do realize this is fml. where people are SUPPOSED to complain, asshole

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What point is it to call me an asshole? Am I suppose to feel sympathy for people just cause they had a bad day? Why don't you just go and suck on your dick, fucktard!

The difference between, "your" and "you're" isn't hard to learn, please don't try to be a grammar nazi if you don't know how to spell

The ****, 206? All that weed must be going to your empty head, because he was correcting 13's blatant misuse of the word when he said "your not liked". But since you're criminally illiterate, I guess I should cut you some slack. Just read a book sometime, okay? Okay.

I don't see why she was such a bitch about it. I mean, if she's so popular, your comment won't even show up on her wall in a couple of hours. Besides, it's just "Happy Birthday", it's not like you declared your love for her or something.