By Anonymous - 04/03/2010 05:08 - United States

Today, I asked out my best friend via facebook graffiti. He then accidentally wrote his rejection as his status instead of on my wall. More people liked his status than the number of friends I have on facebook. FML
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Haha awesome. Grow some balls and learn to ask someone out properly

are you sure he accidentally wrote that?


Haha awesome. Grow some balls and learn to ask someone out properly

u are correct... she need to grow some balls... but how?

weeeelll, after a few surgeries and testosterone injections, she could very well have some ballz. ;-) and YDI, cause if you really like someone, most of the time you can find the courage to ask them out in real life. and are you sure that he didn't mean to make it his status? food for thought.

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HA general burnside win!

please i dont wanna know...

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agreed. you r retarded if u ask someone out on Facebook. whimp

Learn how to spell.

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wow that sucks

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Well you kind of deserve this one for asking someone out on facebook.... i mean jesus that is pretty fucking pathetic and sad. But I still feel sorry for you a bit, that's really mean.

Let's hope you don't have a lot of friends on facebook.

are you sure he accidentally wrote that?

YDI for having a FB!

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ha you think Facebook is so awesome.. and then you delete it and realize how much time you've been wasting

Guess you should have sent a bumper sticker instead.

Yes, I agree with her. (: Bumper Stickers are always better :P

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his loss anyway, you'll find someone better

YDI for asking someone out via facebook

Is that why you're here?