By sammyducks227 - United States - Saint Charles
Today, I've invited friends and family to my birthday party. I've also come home to find that my parents didn't pay the water bill. I either have to tell everyone I know that they are uninvited or not to take dumps in my house. FML
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  abu4u  |  26

In England, the water companies aren't allow to cut off your water even if you don't pay. Some health and safety issues, I think!!!

  NeatNit  |  32

There's many effective ways to fix this:
1. Find a new place to host the party and tell everyone to go there instead.
2. Uninvited everyone, explaining that your water is cut off due to a burst pipe or something else less embarrassing...
3. Tell everyone that they're still invited but let them know that the water is cut off with the same excuse as 2.

Come on OP, could have been worse.

  rgri  |  11

It's not an asshole move. If my friend was in a similar position I would offer. What's a friend for if they're not there when you need them. Obviously you would ask them alone first though.

  ChenEighty  |  20

The joke was centered around the fact that no one offered. I would also offer in that position, but 4 simply said to hold it at someone else's house, not to ask to.

  cloudsofneon  |  5

But realistically they need to offer another option. Whether they go and buy 15-20 gallon jugs so they can fill the toilets manually after each flush or get a porta-potty or something. Can't expect people to come over for a party and tell them they can't use a bathroom while they're there.

By  purebliss_fml  |  19

Do you have a friend or family member that might let you have the party at their house? If you assure them you'll clean up afterwards they might let you.

It seems unfair for your parents to not pay the water bill, assuming they knew about your party but I don't know anything about your family's financial situation so all I can say is sorry about your dilemma!