By Lennie Mcfish - 28/08/2018 01:30

Today, I confessed my love to my crush over text. Later, she posted the message I'd sent her on Facebook and wrote "look at the pathetic man". The post had over 50 laugh reacts. FML
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And women wonder why they can't find a sweet guy. What a bitch. I sincerely hope your feelings for her have changed.

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-Silverfox- 10

Not only is it bullying, it's slander. Something that is definitely illegal.

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What does promoting the equality of men and women have to do with bullying someone on Facebook?

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Alright, mod. I guess I should help you out a bit here. TODAY'S feminism is shitty. Not the first two waves. The definition that is feminism? Yeah that's not what it is today. Not anymore. Just a bunch of crazy man-haters. Don't run to the definition when someone calls out the bs that is today's feminism.

You're entitled to your ignorant opinion, but I'd lighten up if I were you. You brought feminism into a story that had nothing to do with it because you wanted to hate on women... or wait, sorry, just wanted to hate on 'feminists.' Gotcha.

Now, I'm nowhere near 100% certain. But I'm getting an ever so slight vibe that maybe she's not particularly into you. Granted, it's so subtle that I can't even put my finger on what exactly is the cause, but nonetheless I have a sneaking suspicion that you're just not her type.

And women wonder why they can't find a sweet guy. What a bitch. I sincerely hope your feelings for her have changed.

You don't even know what he wrote. Not that I agree that sharing this on Facebook was the best response of her.

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She can't find someone sweet because she's obviously a horrible person herself. Literally anyone who reads that Facebook post is going to be like "Well, now I know what happens to people who show interest in her", and avoid her like the plague.

"Look at the pathetic man." Seriously? That "pathetic" man was brave enough to admit that he loved you. The only pathetic person I see is the crush posting it on Facebook for likes.

Look at the pathetic girl needing to post it on social media. Keep your head up

What a pathetic bitch. Anyway, I think she just screwed herself. No one's going to go after her if they fear she'd do something similar to them. I hope this incident doesn't discourage you from going after someone else you like though, OP. There are a lot of nice girls out there! :)

Well now ya know she's a complete waste of ur time

Paul B. Gyurcsanszky 14

Oh well, tell her “bye Felicia” and be sure to post it on her Facebook page.

Dont forget to dab if you plan on saying "bye, Felicia"