Nope, not me

By mycar - 20/08/2013 17:40 - United States - Charlotte

Today, I was showing a new girl around at school. As we were walking through the parking lot she noticed a green jeep and commented, "I heard the person who drives that is a total creep. Is he?" I said I didn't know who it was. It was my car. FML
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Now how you gonna take her home?

The creep in the jeep...


Now how you gonna take her home?

Jake_Hale 7

OP you should've said "i heard the new girl at school is a weirdo...oh wait that's you."

14, she didn't know it was the OP's jeep. There was no need for him to be rude.

Hopefully not by tying her up and throwing her in the back.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You don't do that the first time you take a gal home, 38? Usually it takes time for them to open up to me, but after 5 days they're begging me to go to their house. But they always run once I let them out.. I don't understand it.. Commitment issues maybe?

Actually, they take the hard-to-get ploy a little too literally. Trust me, I have to chase them down all the time.

She's gonna find out you lied then really think you're a creep... Shoulda told her and let her make her own assumption.. Obviously she wasn't thinking you were a creep.

Takes time for them to open up? Well, did you try using a sharper knife? I had the same problem once, but now they open up just fine...

Duct Tape? Chloroform's a little expensive nowadays

I'm pretty sure Stan knows how. Maybe op also beefs with Slim Shady

The creep in the jeep...

Who watches while you're sleep.

Your locks of hair he will keep.

In the window he'll peep.

Through unlocked doors he may seep.

When you leave he will weep

Around the corners he will leap

Wizardo 33

Your emotions he will leech.

He likes to molest sheep.

He has a tracker, it will beep

#28 killed it.

If you struggle he will beat.

That was ******* awesome guys!!!

In your house, he will creep.

The well in his yard, it is deep.

your clothes he will rip, make you ready for the trip

Jake_Hale 7

My learnings will teach! :D

His dick is named Phileep.

flockz 19

he will sweep your limbs into a heap.

InvisibleMonster_fml 16

This was fantastic.

He made you a bed, It's six feet deep.

ILoveMyArm 15

Though not a fan of censorship, your ****** he will bleep. I apologize in advance for my horrible attempt at joining the bandwagon of creepy rhymes.

Through 69's veins, envy does seep.

From his basement you'll hear a peep!

After the rape, you will wreak!

his crotch, it seems to peak

He likes to hang them pretty steep

Your blood will seep.

In your skin he will creep to throw your bones into the creek.

many of your toes he will keep, what a foot fetish freak

Pwn17 25

A lot of us are being sheep, but it's too late; the thread is in too deep.

It's you, he will keep.

flockz 19

dreams crushed, he went home to ********** during his weep.

Thanks to this thread, I'll never sleep

His jeep horn, it will beep.

Man.... this thread is deep.

alisidewinder 9

I'm done with this website

All of you need to shut the BLEEP up!

#93 What, that doesn't even rhyme. At least make it rhyme next time.

well now if your friendship progresses and she finds out it is your jeep, you WILL look like a creep... jeepers creepers!

Pun intended ✔

You should've just said, "I don't know. Am I?" Don't get your feelings hurt, OP. If she was walking with you, she doesn't think you're a creep. :)

etoilenuit 15

Yea you should've just said "you tell me." Now you look like a creep by lying and not admitting it was yours.

Doesn't think you're a creep. . .YET. Maybe OP is creepy, and just putting up a facade. Kinda like not showing your true self on a first date.

Maybe OP was instructed to show her around and she didn't have a choice to be walking with him.

She also might have already known that it was his jeep, and was testing him to see if he would tell the truth, or if he would be a creep and lie to her.

It's time for a trade up.

Well, are you? Cos I heard there are some truth to rumors..

Yeah like the one time I was pregnant even though I'm a guy, that was terrible when that was going around.

Holy_Schnikes 23

Yeah like that time when I was 10 and slept with a 30 year old and got an STD and in High School when I put a spell on a blonde cheer leader I never knew about to make her bald because I was jealous of her long blonde hair. And that time in seventh grade when people said I was a lesbian because I was a virgin.....I could go on about all the "truths" people said about me in school.

Wow... too far 89

You should make a book #89

So there was some truth to the rumor that I had a girlfriend when I was in high school? I didn't even know I was a lesbian.

That's tough. Don't put much thought into it. You shouldn't care what people say about you. Live your life. Don't bother with other people's opinion. Be yourself and be happy about it.

"Want to find out? ;)"

How exactly do you say a winky face? "Want to find out, semicolon parentheses?"

#33 You could actually say it while winking. With your face.

TheDrifter 23

I say all emoticons and emotive acronyms in a robot voice. *winky face* *l o l*

#33 never go full retard...

flashback.miss 28

should've came clean with her and made her feel humiliated. then again, you could take the chance to prove the rumours are wrong.

Lying about owning the creep jeep isn't a good start to proving rumours wrong

daesung 8

Im a creep. Im a loser. What the hell am I doing here.

You'd probably have less thumbs down if you had gotten the lyrics right.

I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. I don't belong here. I don't belong here

"Soy un perdedor I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?" ***Did Beck and Radiohead give birth to #11's newly written lyrics? :P

I think you got the lyrics wrong too. I may be wrong though.

I love that song though. (Sorry irrelevant) maybe a new verse about being a creep owning a jeep is needed?;)