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Today, I woke up to a very unpleasant feeling. Apparently, the tattoo I got on my arm a couple of days ago attracted hundreds of ants during its healing process. They were literally carrying away pieces of my skin. I can not get the feeling or image out of my head. FML
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LOL they definitely weren't lying when they said the internet could be brutal. First off, I have ten other tattoos and this is the first time something like this has happened. I take great care in all of my tattoos. I would like to think of myself as an incredibly clean person. Anal to a certain extent. I live with a very talented and successful tattoo artist. He too was freaked out waking up to ants in our bed. I didn't use anything scented. Just the typical A&D ointment. It was not infected nor did it get infected. It was just one of those crappy things that happen to people. I have had another tattoo since then and am happy to say there was no ant attack this time! But thanks everyone for your comments and likes! And for those that don't think you can see a tattoo in your future, please don't let this be the reason! I highly doubt this is a common occurance. Thanks again everyone and have a great day!

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eww I could not imagine if that happened to 1 of my tattoos. seriously, I think this is the most disturbing thing I've ever read on this site.

Jesus ******* Christ! I thought you had to cover a tattoo during it's healing process? (Clearly I don't have any).


eww I could not imagine if that happened to 1 of my tattoos. seriously, I think this is the most disturbing thing I've ever read on this site.

If you had used the word dream appropriately somewhere in this FML it might be more clear whether this actually happened or not. Given the observation that you probably don't live in a third world country Im assuming you dreamt this experience. I would recommend better word choice. None the less I'm sorry you had a bad dream, I would do what most adults do in this situation and get over it.

she said she WOKE UP . and lirerally saw them carry away her skin. LRN2READ

Disregard my original statement i miss read this fml, i would recommend taking car of your ant problem though.

Or you could just read the damn thing as it was written 21.

Yea just reading this I got goosebumps.

Haha "and no I'm not a lesbian" that was the best part of your profile.

If ants are cruising through your house enough to be attracted to your tat, then it might be tike to break out a trashcan, vacuum and some raid. YDI

I think I was just turned off tattoos for the rest of my life. On the bright side, my parents will forever be grateful to you, OP.

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Jondivey just gtfo FML you always make the worst, most annoying comments ever. Just ******* leave dude...

she didn't dreams this, it happened, she said she will never forget the sensation of the ants taking away those pieces of skin away.

#21 your an asshole and an idiot,people do get bugs in there house, you don't have to be in the third world for this to happen

Should have take a picture op put it in on youtube could have make money with that disgusting situation

I agree, especially since I just got a tattoo last night.


I got a new tattoo that's still in the flaking stage... I was just about to go to sleep too... **** you very much OP, I'm not sleeping ever again. That's messed with me

Jesus ******* Christ! I thought you had to cover a tattoo during it's healing process? (Clearly I don't have any).

Ants are determined little bastards. But still. My last meal is working its way up. O_O

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You cover it for about a half hour or so, but it's best to leave it open after that.

You only cover it for a short amount of time, and even so, the bandage isn't sealed on to your skin. Ants could get in there if they wanted to. For all three of my tattoos, I was told to leave the bandage on for about 6 hours, or until the next morning for one I got done in the evening. Then you take a shower to wash off the slimy layer that forms over it. Possibly OP didn't wash that layer off properly, and that's what attracted the ants?

I have six tattoos, and none of them were ever bandaged when they were done. They're supposed to breathe. But a little A&D ointment works wonders during the healing process!

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I really wish I could unread this. nastiest thing on fml by far

Depends where, when, how you heal, etc. Personally, I just put them on for 1-2 days and after I let it breath.

That must've hurt..... Sorry OP :( hope you heal fast. :(

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I doubt it hurts. They were just picking at her dead skin. Kinda like peeling sunburn. Strange, tingly feeling, but not painful.

I think those ants finally got tired of the roach diet and decided to go for something humanly tasting with a side of ink...

They're evolving… Forget about a nuclear holocaust, those old, B movies about giant ant invasions are coming true!

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That's... That's disgusting. I'm sorry OP. do you know why?

Great... Now I won't be able to get that image out of my head either. That sounds so... ugh! *shudder*

Wtf? You tattoo attracted ants.. Hid how does that even happen?

It's that ink... It's supposedly tasty...

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As tattoos heal, the dead skin flakes off. I guess the ants like the dead skin.

Oh I do not ever want to get a tattoo

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did you even thought about covering your tatoo???

Did you even thought.... did you even thought before typing did you even thought?

Says the dude who posted such gems as "i would recommend taking car of your ant problem".

That's a typo 39 anyone can miss a letter especially when typing on a phone.

Okay, 40, then how about the rant they went on telling OP to be more clear about whether it was a dream or not?

Most tattoo places recommend letting it heal without a covering, some even recommend not using any creams or anything to aid healing. Research before making a comment, perhaps?

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I have 9 tattoos and have never heard a shop say "don't use anything." It's usually A & D ointment or baby oil. I do agree with you on the no cream part though

I have 13 tattoos and each one I was always told to use A&D or Neosporin...I don't know of any good tat artist that tells you to not put anything on it. I got my newest tat about 6 months ago, and because of its location, it was hard to keep ointment on it cuz it would rub off almost immediately while at work. Had to find a solution and actually put baby Aveeno on it and worked wonders! But ya, never putting anything on it isn't a good idea...

62 Yeah that one does take a special level of stupid, good point.

I have 5 myself and always heard to use some kind of ointment during the healing process. However, on my last tattoo a couple months ago I was told they don't recommend using anything anymore. I'm not so sure that ALL tattoo artists do any kind of follow up care classes, so I was kinda surprised by this. I'm in nursing school and did some research and apparently there's new studies out there that say it should be left open to oxygen so it can heal on its own and another one that said adding ointment makes the color come out so it's no longer as bright. I still used A&D ointment on mine...

#135 That was told to me by my first tattoo artist when I was 18 and I'm 31 now, so that was quite a while ago. He was the only one that ever told me that. Other artists I've had have said don't use it. But I did use it on my first 3 I got and everything turned out just fine with them. I don't use it now unless I have absolutely NOTHING else. I have used it a few times though since those first 3 tats, but generally do stick with A&D Ointment and try to always make sure I grab some.

i have 3 tattoos and what worked best for me was lotion and that makes me glad all mine are nice and healed

i'm in australia & I have 3 tattoos, done by different artists in different parlors. All 3 said use bepanthen. No probs at all.

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It's cool I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways...

This sounds like the beginning of a horror story.