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Today, I had to hand write a 10 page essay for one of my classes. When I turned it in I got an automatic zero. It was written in blue. Not black. FML
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It didn't list such an important requirement somewhere?

Once you go black, you never go ba- waaaiiit a minute ಠ_ಠ


It didn't list such an important requirement somewhere?

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Lets be honest, your teacher probably stressed that part multiple times if she was gonna auto-zero something that little.

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Regardless, blue or black ink is still easy on the eyes, and it is ridiculous to fail a student for something so small. A few points off maybe. But really? Fail? The point of education is to teach you and prove that you are learning. Not destroy hours of hard work because of ink color. In the end, their education is the same and their grade should reflect their effort. Now if it were pink ink, I could understand. And why the hell was this not typed?

Since when do people still have to hand-write papers? I know that there are crazy rules about typing and printing out papers, but why didn't she want you to print it?

My french teacher last year did that...and she only ever mentioned that kind of thing once. and she took off full points if you didn't space it right. Or didn't draw lines on the page at certain areas.

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oh man i wish my teachers would try some shit like that on me if i was still in highschool omg that would be fun cursing them out lmfao

Pretty sure they're referring to college, since you basically never have to write a 10 page paper in high school

At my highschool, when you are a sophmore, junior and senior, you have to do a research paper, which is 10 pages.. In senior year, we have to write a 28 page essay on Sacco and Vanzetti...

senior project it is a 8-12 page paper. 8 for a c or d and up grade per page

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it should have been ok as long as it wasn't I'm red...

I HATE THOSE TEACHERS!!! HOLY CRAP!! fyl op. I really feel for you.

142--I had to write 10 page essays in middle school.

Once you go black, you never go ba- waaaiiit a minute ಠ_ಠ

#2 is epic win. But I don't see why something like that would be so important.

black and white copy machine? ya, might've helped

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Hahaha!!! How do you make those faces?!?!

umm......i agree with number one, how about reading the requirements?

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Who the hell still makes you hand write essays anymore? Thats just horrible to read for the grader. Do you double space the essay at least? lol. #2: how do you make those symbols for the eyes?

its called the Look of Disapproval. Google it and You can copypaste it from there like so. ಠ_ಠ

This will come in handy if you're ever writing contracts. Most times the contracts stipulate the color of pen that must be used. If you don't use that color, the contract could be voided.

I see you've paid quite a lot of "attentiom" to your detail :)

That is the stupidest requirement ever. What does the color of the pen tell anyone about your ability? I want to smack the person who made that rule. I'm sorry, OP, that totally sucks. I can imagine a 10 page essay would have taken a long time to write, too.

couldn't you just ask for it back and take a black and white copy?

as if they made you hand-write a 10 page essay rather than type it up? bit full-on! shame. FYL.