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  yunilee7  |  4

Saying first is soooo old like how could you do that omg like whyyyy!

Lol, well anyways I guess it's better that you actually got first instead of being the 8th commenter saying it. Still annoying though. :p

  kevinn95  |  0

Its not a prank! She wasnt talking to him she was talking to his gf and the gf trying to play it off by saying hes cheating when its really her!! Or maybe it is a prank

  TheZee  |  12

70 - There are several ways to support the fact that (he claims) he doesn't know her. 1. He can make her (if she has a cell phone or home phone) call him and show his girlfriend that he doesn't have her number saved and prove they did not exchange any texts before. 2. He can take her name and show his girlfriend he doesn't have her on Facebook (which you usually have people you know on it on your friends list) 3. He can ask the random girl to identify several things about him, and unless she is a professional stalker, she wouldn't be able to say much about him. However, 1 and 2 will work just fine even if she is a stalker :).

  rulezdunmatter  |  12

#95 - There are quite a few flaws in your arguments. Like what I assume #70 implied, it's quite easy to prove that you know someone with the direct opposites of the solutions your provided, however, things aren't that easy when you have to prove that you don't know someone.

1. Not having someone else's phone number or having that person as a Facebook friend doesn't instantly prove that you don't know that particular person. It just proves that you have no form of contact which could easily be uncovered. After all, you and the other person could easily have memorized each other's numbers or have other means of contact. Considering that OP's girlfriend has so little trust in OP, isn't it likely that her thoughts would be something along those lines?

2. Furthermore, I don't think that it's plausible to claim that you don't know someone simply because you can't provide any information about that particular person. It would work if you were trying to prove that you knew someone by providing information about the other person, but it doesn't really work the other way. After all, one could just claim not to have any information about the other person even if he did know the person really well. Things don't always work both ways. I get that you're looking it at from the viewpoint that this person is some random person that probably had no idea who OP was, but look at it this way too. What if the person's intention was to deliberately cause problems for OP? At this point in time, even if she didn't know OP personally, she could easily pull out and adopt another approach - by pretending not to know OP while at the same time dropping obvious hints that she might. OP's girlfriend would probably believe at this point in time that both OP and the other person were lying.

3.In addition, we have to once again take into account the lack of trust OP's girlfriend has in him. In such a situation, she would probably be able to speculate and come up with many other theories than just the 2 that I've proposed. That pretty much means that without some solid evidence that OP had never met that girl before, he's not going to be able to get himself out of this.


I remember once when I was talking to a girl I have been crushing on for years and making plans to finally go out, and my sister comes and puts her arm around me and says "who is this baby?" needless to say that she walked away. Women. Can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em


Then you are not in a healthy relationship, and I suggest you work out those trust issues you have with your partner before something actually DOES happen to the two of you and it causes even more problems down the road.

  zinoxity  |  23

This is what you do. She knocks on the window, yells, "I knew it!", you shout, "Who the hell are you?!" while jumping out of your car and chasing that random lady away yelling, "stop stalking me you crazy bitch! I don't even know you!"
Problem solved.

  MrBrightside21  |  20

169 - Please don't. Although it is a fantastic prank, you can ruin people's lives. I don't want that, they don't want that, lil baby Jesus doesn't want that, and I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen to you.

  ss_20_xx  |  14

^ Well you can't bet on that. I once had a stalker who kept on calling and texting for months. He knew where I went to and even kept track of how long I stayed.

  l23VIVE  |  17

Wednesday is Halo night!!! Tuesday is Minecraft. Monday is Mass Effect 3. Sunday is BF3. Saturday is Assassin's Creed Revelations. Friday is BF3. Thursday is Gears of War 3.

By  VIPwhenever  |  15

Your girlfriend doesn't trust you that's bad u proably did something that made her not trust you or she's just got trust issues

  olpally  |  32

Holy run-on sentence batman! Punctuation people, use it. As for op, just stick to your guns and say you don't know her. That's all you can really do.

  Roflsauruz  |  12

And for your information, 44, those two statements you wrote are one and the same. :/ you missed commas..... And so you made what you were trying to prove entirely pointless.

Nice try, though.

  jjessen  |  20

All of you, you're misinterpreting what 44 said he said help your uncle, "jack" off a horse, and help your uncle Jack off a horse. Anyone with a disturbed immature mind can understand what he is saying.

  7srodri1  |  8

"Grammatically incorrect" thouse are some long words, and it reminded me of the book, 'The Wide Window' by: Limony Snicket, it's a good book.


Yea it wasn't Ivy, it happened when Mrs. Dabney was letting Teddy use her car to practice driving. Then they ran out of gas and thus the crazy mountain lady appeared. She didn't have a name lol.

By  mboehm88  |  3

So did you just drive away after she started knocking instead of rolling down the window and saying, "who the fuck are you?!" because if so, that would look a bit suspicious