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Today, I was lying in bed, trying to sleep, when I heard my parents having sex, so I put on my headphones. After listening to music for a good long while, I figured they were done by now, so I took off the headphones just in time to hear them finish. FML
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Next time, applaud and yell "Encore!"

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Just in time for the big finale!


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yeah it really sucks when your parents love each other.

I think they should know to keep it down because the have this thing that they like to call their child

Some people complain too much. Sure, it can be a little embarrasing and kind of awkward but don't you think it's better than hearing your dad secretly calling a hooker behind your mom's back? Maybe it's OP's parent's fault for not being more discreet or something but you have to remember, it's how OP was made.

No, it sucks listening to your parents *******. Your parents can love each other all they want, but nobody (excepting in some sick, perverted cases) wants to listen to their parents having sex.

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yeah, it really sucks when your parents **** each other just yards away from you.

you deserve it for taking off the headphones BITCH..!!!

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Could be worst.. Dad could have hollered out someone else's name.

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#57 who said anything about a hooker? i hate when people make up random scenarios and say "at least they aren't (insert terrible situation that has nothing to with the thing that the person is talking about)". that's like saying "today my dog ran away for the 100th time.fml." and then someone replying "well at least your dog didn't get hit by a car, fall in a river and drown. stop complaining." you disgust me.

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Yeah... YDI dumbass.. if I was you, I would've just walked outta house.. why stay in? Dumbass.. Also ur parents are ****** up fellas.

Totally agree with #90!! Stop degrading FMLs by comparing them to situations that are much worse. This is still pretty damn bad @96: I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're not incredibly stupid, but you just didn't think out your answer beforehand. If the OP was trying to get to sleep, it'll be the middle of the night. WHy would he just up and leave the house in the middle of the night when it's freezing outside and he's trying to get some sleep?

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@ 96, he's not gonna get out. he was trying to sleep

#51, I was just going to say a similar thing. Stupid ungrateful people always complaining about things having to do with their parents having sex. My parents have been sleeping on separate floors of the house for the past 10 years. Some people's parents are divorced. Sex is part of marriage, people. It doesn't become gross just because those two people are your parents. Grow up.

165 have you heard of talk to your parents? really? you: hey mum and dad i have an issue I would like to discuss... parents: what is it you: your sex life arkward much?

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96 you're stupid. his parents are ****** up for having sex? sounds to me like you're just bitter because you're not getting any! And why would the guy leave the house if he's trying to sleep? stfu

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#4 I think "Epic ****." is more relevant in this situation. OP, Hey sonny, it's normal for mummy and daddy to bada boom bada boom boom, otherwise you wouldn't be born and post this FML. No seriously, you should be happy your parents are still doing it and enjoying it. A happy sex life often means a happy relationship. And kudos to your father who can last so long, he's a real stallion.

Thats true, but no person wants they're father is a "stallion". Its kinda messed up. More than kinda. Yea, its great the OP has parents that are still in a loving relationship, but no sane person wants to hear the evidence of that relationship. Yes, it's how every person was made. But come on, would you want to hear your parents having sex? If your answer is yes, you are seriously messed up..

@21: Yes, even though were are all disgusted by the thought of our parents having sex, it's still a million times better than them not having sex and having some miserable, horrible relationship which ends in divorce. So I'm sure we're all kinda glad that our parents do have a good relationship, the point is it's not something you want to hear! It's absolutely disgusting. Fortunately, my parents know how to keep quiet

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Actually in a live covering of horses, the breeding only lasts about 2-5 minutes on average. Being a "stallion" might not be such a good thing after all. ;) (The only way I know this is that I'm actually in the equine industry. Lol.)

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Okay, I'm pretty much sure (like frickin TONS of people have said before me) that OP wasn't upset about his parents having sex, just that he was hearing it. You have to admit, if you heard the sound of your dad banging your mom, you would probably NOT just smile and say "Ah, my parents love each other." You would flip shit, like any normal person would.

Dude i laughed so hard at that i pissed my self.

Next time, applaud and yell "Encore!"

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Slip a note under their door asking them to keep it down. XP

good luck trying to make eye contact with them in the morning :)