By leonieNL - Netherlands
Today, I got back from a 3 and a half week trip to South Africa to do volunteer work with children in townships. My parents forgot to pick me up, and I had to sit there by myself and wait for them, while 80 people of the same organization got loving hugs from their proud parents. FML
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By  fadingaway  |  17

That sucks. Props for helping out the poor kids here. I think it's funny how some people assume that everyone from South Africa is poor and lives in a shack. Yes there are a lot ot people like that, but S.A is mainly cities. I'm white, born and raised and living in a city in S.A. Nothing third world African poverty about it. So everyone who says YDI for coming here can die in a hole. I admire you for coming this far to help out the less fortunate, and your parents will someday admire you too.

  justsayfuck  |  5

#45 Oh really? You can judge a whole country by your ex? Well I am from Holland, and I can tell you I do care about my family, and everyone I know too. And that's a lot more Dutch people than just your ex. So shut the fuck up already!

  skittle68  |  0

So? People forget things all the time. Did you remind them the day before or anything?And why not help people in your own back yard instead of going all the way to Africa?

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

omg i am getting annoyed by comments being hidden, i mean they can vote if they dont like it, but i dont like that its hidden cause a majority of the time its just someone stating their opinion and not being an ass and its really annoying. even Colin's comment wasnt rude at all and it got hidden. WTF. ugh. this comment is probably gunna get moderated or hidden from the voter nazis

  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Why so hateful pendatik? Did your mommy not hug you enough? All I was saying that I had been there before, so I know it sucks when you get back and have nobody there for you. I also offered comfort in saying that maybe they were too busy, that's how it was with my parents, they were too busy and knew I'd be home to see them in a few weeks.

But as usual your hypocritical mind doesn't seem to wrap around that concept. You say "Personally I found Bluecoconuts comment to be all about himself, as is usual for him" yet only TWO comments later you say "I've been at work for a while. 12 hr shifts leave not much time for anything else."

Which is basically making a comment all about you. Even if you were asked, you didn't need to add the exta little bit about work. Yet if I had made that same comment, you'd vote it down and say "He's all about himself, as usual."

It is a little humorous though that even though I rarely comment anymore you still seem to enjoy picking out the few comments I do to judge. It's almost as if you missed me, kind of cute really.

In short, you really need to get over yourself. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you sat here for 30 minutes voting comments down and refreshing your browser to do it again because after 12 hours of work, getting home to your small crappy empty apartment to turn on your TV and laugh alone just doesn't seem to fulfill your day completely.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

This thread is amusing.

I guess we could pick on each other for our strange reasons. Blue_Coconuts for having something against the French despite posting on a French site, and mfmylifesrsly for posting sexual comments in the past, but at the end of the day the thumbs show the opinion of the site.

Sorry if the little -3 bugs you guys so much.