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By Anonymous - 29/12/2021 08:01

Today, I demanded to know why my boyfriend even stays with me if he’s not interested in marriage or children, hates my family, barely talks to me when he gets home, and seems uninterested in sex. Apparently, the cheap rent on my flat was his sole interest in me. FML
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I'm compelled to ask: You mean "ex-boyfriend," right?


I'm compelled to ask: You mean "ex-boyfriend," right?

Yes, but to be fair, he is saving you from being "single" and you can tell Facebook and the world you're "in a relationship." Seems you're both using each other to fill an unmet need.

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Well unfortunately just like some women are with men for financial support only there are men that do the same. The world is full of leeches at least you found him out. Hopefully you have the strength and self respect to send him packing.

dump his ass and kick him out...problem solved

is there anyway you can throw him on the street? If so, you should.