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By  newguy90  |  0

If he died a long time ago it shouldn't be a problem. I'd laugh if one of my friends sent me a message like that. If u dont make a big deal out of it, it should be alright.

If he died recently though, u r pretty much fucked

  thecheekyone  |  0

Have you lost anyone at all you care about? You tend to remember them on their birthdays. Maybe she wanted to talk about it or something. It sounds like a hint to me.

  MrsWorldwide  |  0

I did recently lose my dad and I would have laughed at that just because of how awkward it is. It does not make you a horrible friend or person for slipping up. Not all of my friends even know my dad passed away and the ones that do know aren't all so extremely close to me that something like that is not a possiblity of happnening. Some people really take life very seriously and tend to expect perfection from everyone around them. It was an oopsie. Shit happens. Laugh it off and move on.


It was probably more like "how are you?" "oh, you know... its my dads birthday" as if to say... not so great.
the latter friend thinking that the former would remember dead daddy (since she remembered it she clearly DID already know and it just slipped her mind)

  Asdas_fml  |  0

"Today, I realized I don't have you as a friend. FML"

I would love you have you as a friend....I really love people who never make any mistakes at all