Nice try

By UncleRory - 16/05/2009 09:13 - United States

Today, I was shopping at a supermarket. As I was about to pay for my items, I noticed the cashier was very cute. Trying to be nice, I smiled. She smiled back and said, "Hello, how are you?" Instead of saying, "I'm good" or, "I'm okay", I said, "I'm gay". FML
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Hunthas 17

oh chuck you farley, you and your whole famn damily can go buck a fuffalo and see is I shiv a git

lmfaoo.. op. gay nmeans happy too, but that made me laugh. FYL XD

hairt 4

I think you wanted to say "I'm ok" but sad "I'm kay(gay)" accidentaly?? haha

And I think that you skipped english class when you were in school.

... Nice one, Ace.

i meant to say "peanuts please" but ended up saying "penis please" before hahahah

Curse those Frudian slips!

Freudian. You are welcome

Congratulations, you're out!

PollySighDevil 0

We'll theoretically she would be MORE interested right? Women always want a gay friend... you can always explain your gaff later

Omg I do things like that all the time when I'm thinking of 2 words and then merge them together and it sounds retarded ahah (Y)

I usually scramble it and come up with things like, "gline of wass," or "bater of wottle." And upon attempts at correction, "wine of glass." It's horrendous.

#203 took me a second to realise what was wrong with "wine of glass".

YDI because I said so.

lol, I bet she wasn't having a good day after that either.

Bloody brilliant. #4, and it saves you from the possible future breakup which might have resulted if he said something intelligent to score her digits. But, question, don't almost all cashiers smile? Regardless if they're cute or not?

Death_to_my_life 0

LOL flirting FAIL XD i bet shes gonna post an FML soon: Today a guy came into my store and when i said 'hello, how're you?' he immediately said he was gay. FML' now she has low self confidence!! XDD