By Anonymous - Saudi Arabia

Being nice is so 1968

Today, I decided to do something nice and compliment a stranger. I told a girl that I liked her skirt and that it looked good on her. She just rolled her eyes at me and said, "I'm not gay". FML
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  Aussie9  |  2

I don't think those situations are comparable. She complimented a piece of clothing, while you would be complimenting a guys ass. Saying a skirt looks great on someone would be more akin to you telling a guy his shirt looks awesome on him. I've seen guys compliment each other like that and no one gets punched in the face.

  species4872  |  19

Don't get in the real world much do ya.

By  species4872  |  19

So? She may got hit on all the time with such comments and is fed up with it, who knows. Anyway if you're going to say something to someone that is unsolicited , compliment or not be prepared for what ever is said back and don't cry about it.

  tolkien897  |  15

You have no idea what being polite or nice is about, do you? People should compliment people just because a lot of the time it makes people happy, even for only a moment before the negativity seeps back in. Pieces of shit like you who don't understand politeness is why the world is a pit of misery. I can't compliment a stranger because it's unsolicited? How do you even solicite for a person to say "Hey, your skirt is pretty and looks good on you! I hope you have a great day!" ????

  species4872  |  19

Like your hair, eye shadow not so much.

By  Bubblez2009  |  15

Knowing the place your talking about I am assuming it's really hard to find girls in skirt... or may be she has been mocked before since most of the ppl wear black veils abaya there. So maybe she misunderstood you.