By Anonymous - 24/04/2015 16:27 - United States - San Jose

Today, I complimented a player in a game who protected my ass the whole match. As a joke, I told them to marry me. Turned out the person was a horny 40-something lesbian stalker who spent the next 5 hours sending me pictures and trying to find out where I live. FML
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New game: Runaway A kanye west production " It's in the game!"


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One time, this 30-something year old woman joked about dating me when I was 16. She knew my age and the fact that I was straight, and so I joked along and was all "yeah, totally. Just lemme go gay for you real quick. lol." Apparently she took me completely serious and actually thought we were dating and took offence when I talked about a guy I had a crush on just a day later. She ended up sending me a ton of messages and leaving me voice messages (on Xbox) calling me a horrible person, a ****, etc. It was some crazy shit. My point with all of this: people are scary (on the internet!) D:

Oh my... Some people just can't wait for a "chance".

New game: Runaway A kanye west production " It's in the game!"

Every day I'm more convinced every female gamer is a lesbian.

That's really scary; I feel for you. Hopefully you can explain it was just a joke, and if that doesn't work, get a restraining order. Hope it all works out for you!

Sounds like it's about time to change your phone number.

Thankfully phones have a block option these days, so you can simply block someone's number, I just do that instead of changing my number. :)

Why would you jokingly ask a random person online to marry you? Even if they helped you in the game, you have no idea who they are or if they'll take it seriously.

I had a random person on the internet ask to marry me as an obvious joke. We are now best friends. It happens.

Because a lot of people are able to understand what a joke is and not take a friendly compliment as a serious marriage proposal.

You obviously don't play games or anything online that much because plenty of people make jokes like will you Marry me or have My kids, etc. I play League of Legends and the community is pretty insane, pretty much anything will come out of them they don't really care, btw (Gold 4 Adc main NA)

I think people joke about it all the time. If you have just met someone you should be able to assume they will understand it is a joke. But you are right, some people might not see it that way. But I don't see this as being OP's fault at all :)