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Today, my elderly neighbor called the police because my cat was in her yard. I now have a citation and a court date. Apparently, there is a leash law for cats in my town, and it is taken very seriously. FML
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A leash law...for CATS? Where the hell do YOU live?

In that case, you should get a tiger


A leash law...for CATS? Where the hell do YOU live?

robc32ca 4

Most cities have a leash law for all domestic animals.

Yea!!! People better start putting leashes on them turtles. Crafty little bastards.

Them turtles are ninjas!

Looks like I need to get Bubbles a cute little fishy harness if we're to resume walkies in his fishbowl and red wagon. I'm laughing at that mental image. Time for bed!

You're also being an idiot today pendatik. Just sayin... Yes most cities do have leash laws for domesticated animals. Whether they are enforced or not is the question... To the OP - YDI. Next time keep your cat indoors. At least you didn't find it flattened in the middle of the road..

Not all kitties are indoor kitties. I adopted one when I was much younger and he was NEVER going to be an indoor kitty. He scratched up the furniture, whined a lot and ran around far too much to be indoors all the time, so he became an outside cat, and would come inside whenever it was time to eat or sleep.

#24 To keep a cat indoors? ... Well, good luck with that!

Considering the OP is posting from the US and likely many of the replies from people as well it's safe to say most do and you're just being an argumentative twat for the sake of it..

Raphanne it's quite easy to keep a cat indoors if you're responsible... But then this is FML where responsible people are the minority and bratty teenage drama queens outnumber..

Letting my cat go outside is irresponsible? Yeah riiiiight... Cats NEED to go outside. Ignoring it would be irresponsible.

They also have leashes for birds, they're little harnesses and then the leash, although my birds do not like having it on, they pitch a fit when I try to put it on them, so I don't use it anymore. Sorry for my rambling...!

crystalburgard 3

Cats dont "need" to go outside. I have 4 cats, all rescues and they all stay inside. They are happy & dont even want to go out

DCFan 9

Georgia.. HE/SHE lives in Georgia. Problem solved. Debate solved. Eat a cookie.

In my city, I see a bunch of cats outside, without leashes, but with collars.

conqueror57 11

Actually a lot of cities in the US, and probably at least some of the rest of the world, DO have leash laws for DOMESTIC animals. The catch is that cats, as well as fish, birds, turtles, etc., aren't listed in those areas as domesticated animals. Seriously, look it up in your town.

iFizzgig 11

Oh yes because all Georgians are the same. DAMN OUR INBRED GENETICS!! Did you see that? I posted another narrow-minded statement sarcastically making fun of yours DCFan. So, "Oh my goodness! DCFan lives in Las Vegas! They must have a gambling addiction." Oh dammit, there's that must word again!

SeedlessMe 13

Raphanne- I'm not saying you're wrong, but it definitely depends on the cat And the type of area you live in. Cats get killed on the roads constantly where I live. And our kitties want absolutely nothing to do with outside world! We've tried to bring them out in the yard but they're just terrified

1 I believe it says Georgia US, not sure though.

DCFan 9

56- I wasn't making fun of Georgia citizens... It tells you where he/she is from on the FML post. Cute ramble though.. And although that was an awesome try at being clever and "putting me in my place" you should probably try again.

I had a cat that was terrified to go outside, so she never would be outside......except that one time that she got locked outside for a week, she was so happy when we found her!!! I've also had cats that were strictly outside cats, they lived in our barn and would catch the mice

JinxosGirl87 0

I have two cats that are only indoor cats and they don't attempt to get out. I find if the cat isn't fixed it's more likely to tear up the place looking for an escape.

jbunch2514 0

Ya but a leash on a parakeet, a snake, all that good stuff

Alright Josie Grossie, so you were good in grammar school. That's twice now that you've tried "correcting" on word choice and proper punctuation. Thanks for the effort but there's this thing you probably never eard of called common sense. Smart people use it to make sense of general statements. AND most people use a damn touch phone so back off on the punctuation!! Lighten up and pay someone to fondle you, pendatik! THIS IS FML!! Not my 6th grade english paper!!

Uh oh!! I feel another pendatik attack!!! I meant HEARD... Damn touch phones

Must be Oakland..

It says georgia....

Pendatik: City of London Environment and Health bylaw, section 21. No domestic animals without direct control or supervision.

choloman 0

u used the wrong "too" hah

Michael_Kelso 0

Seems like there have been a lot of FMLs about old people causing trouble.

When I asked "Where the hell are YOU from", I meant what city. I can clearly see what state they're from. But they're not talking about the STATE laws in this FML, are they? 8|

jonan1212 5

You Georgians and your crazy laws

Spell "bitch" on the old bag's yard... in gasoline.

Michael_Kelso 0

133 kinda has the right idea. Maybe instead of violence op should use the law against the old hag. Find some other ridiculous law which you get her cited for as well. Maybe you two will see each other in court.

Damn the System!

So this is what my tax payer money goes towards? And people say it just goes to useless crap....

Well, we always have other peoples cats come onto our lawn then into the garage and walks over the car leaving foot prints everywhere which isn't a big deal, but they also pee I'm the garage. So after a while of that it gets really annoying.

48 - I lost the game :P

connorsan17 12

I believe it's called Fuck The System (SOAD) and dammit I lost the game.

@51: So close your garage door.

51, that's when you bring out the garden hose.

Vash_41288 10

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What part don't you understand or need help with sir/ma'am

Or maybe its the fact that for some reason, while as incorrect as the usage of words may be, that docscientist's brain some how can not comprehend a sentence when someone types here instead of hear.... Most humans generally can unless they're trying to be a smart ass in which case they still just make themselves look like an idiot for lack of basic comprehension.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Dude you can't put cats on leashes. It upsets the balance of society, and more importantly, PETA.

hatesfate- stop being a fuckin' drama queen and go jack your little weiner off or whatever you do between having spaz attacks at random internet strangers. docscientist could pick a better target than a blatant typo, but he's nowhere near as idiotic and lusting for a fight as you, ickle girl.

Vash_41288 10

Yea I don't understand what's up with people, apparently people cannot take joke comments any more with out going bezel judging by thumbs down, also I tried to ask what was wrong and people take offense to that? I did not use foul language or anything bad towards then either. I apologize for the accident of using wrong spelling and causing general unrest to the public because of it. Lighten up people

Vash_41288 10

Jeez this auto phone keeps correcting to random things lol bezel?? I meant berserk and them* don't hang me please :)

fuck peta damn hypocrits

In that case, you should get a tiger

I can't put a leash on my cat. It would claw the shit out of me. Cats are free sprits.

Alexisthebestest 16

We have a 3-legged cat that roams around my neighborhood. We don't mind him, he does not harm. I even named him Tripod.

yadisingh 5

85. Whoa. Tell me more.

Alexisthebestest 16

Where can I begin...

He doesn't come when you call "Lucky"?

The trick is to pacify them first, and then distract them so they don't notice you putting the leash on. Try giving them a nice warm bath, followed by putting a pencil up their butt. I promise you, putting the leash on will seem much simpler after that.

Omg this comment is gold

Has anyone in your town ever attempted to leash a cat? Are they comfortable around demon spawn?

Halloween IS in a couple of days. Maybe city counsel is a secret band of devil worshippers and the leash law is a ploy to sacrifice all the animals in the name of the dark lord. Or, maybe society has just gone to hell, period.

iFizzgig 11

Definitely the latter!

I know this is late but I walk both my cats on a leash: )

Dont let the man get you down

F'ck the system!

F'ck the system!

F'ck the system!

You BROKE the system!

Great. The duplicate comments are gone. I'm no longer funny...

bryethurlow 0

Do ur pick is hillariouse

Ironic profile pic.